Bundesliga is back

This weekend the Bundesliga is coming back from hibernation. Let’s see who took advantage of the short nap. According to the experts, the championship is already decided and Borussia Dortmund can get ready for the celebrations. Well, not so fast. “The ball is round” as they say in Germany. “You never know in what direction that thing rolls”. ​Important for the outcome will be today’s match between Leverkusen and Dortmund and Bayern’s game in Wolfsburg tomorrow. Leverkusen and Bayern wins will open up new views.

In Munich the officials and players state they will be ready, if Dortmund shows weakness. I am sure they will do more than be ready in order to force the issue. Get ready for some mind games out of the Bavarian capital. While Bayern is 14 points(!) behind, they have nothing to lose and it is easy to operate from that position .
Today, Dortmund starts the second part of the season in Leverkusen. They are “only” 10 points behind Borussia. A Bayer win today will be the key to an open competition. Not much to hear out of Leverkusen. They prepare and get ready without any verbal actions towards anyone. Ballack is back on the roster, however, as it looks like, he will have to take a seat on the bench. It is interesting to recognize that it seems no one really looks at Bayer as the main hunter of Borussia. For Bayer’s purpose today, that is a good thing.
Back to Bayern. As always, the press is busiest in Munich and the club always finds ways to stay interesting. Goalie change, Demichelis left, lots of talk around van Bommel, and, Robben is back. It is also reported that there will be a new Ribery. Whatever that means. 5th in the table, 14 points behind and still “the club” in Germany. Well, Robben is important. It will also be important on how the goalie change, Kraft for Butt, will play out. While the Bayern are eager to stay in the competition, a weakness in goal can be expensive. If they don’t make it into the first three, they must win the champions league in order to be in big business next year. Not to be in is a problem in Munich. For Bayern fans it is important that van Bommel will finish the season in Munich. And to be honest, I believe he is the most important player there, right next to Schweinsteiger.
It is three hours before the Leverkusen – Dortmund game and it is time for a prediction. Leverkusen will win, Bayern will win. That will give the Bundesliga an incredible boost and we will see a very interesting second part of the season. Watch!

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