Barclay’s English Premier league is Special

Really, the EPL is something special. While a lot of leagues offer excitement for the fans, the EPL is special. 5 teams are fighting for the championship and after 22 rounds everything is open. I understand that ManU fans see this differently, but that is fine. Well, in deed, looking at the table after the world famous “holiday season” (which I call the games between Christmas and the 10th of January), ManU looks the best. Sitting on top of the table, two points up, two games on hand, there is no reason not to be optimistic. Besides that, they haven’t lost a game in the league, yet. What a run! Here could be the problem for United. Every run will eventually end, so will this one. The problem with such situations is this, once they ended, it is very difficult to create another one like it. At this point I want to mention Chelsea. Remember the beginning of the season? They looked pretty good for a long time and were six points up. Now they find themselves even in a discussion about the coach and other stuff, besides not dominating the games anymore and sitting on 5th spot. When you have a run like United’s, you want to play. Due to the weather, two of the games have been canceled and have to be played at another time. Maybe “the run” will end until then and they face a minor “crisis”. And so on…..

I think, at this point all of the five are in the race. Admittedly, Chelsea and Spurs have less ace’s in their hands , but they are still in. Spurs can actually turn this race into a totally different game. If they win against United this Sunday, they not only bring this entire group closer together, they also end United’s run and possibly create a change on top. Read above what that can mean for ManU.
Looking at the other three clubs, ManC, Chelsea and Arsenal, they will win their games this weekend, at least I think so. I also believe that ManC and Arsenal have the best cards on hand. They can “settle” into business as usual, while anyone else has to catch up, either on games or on points. And from the view of catching up with games, ManC. is the team that wins the championship. Am I betting on it? No!
The EPL is great. Due to the density of quality, the league creates a top game(s) almost every week. With that, the dynamics of the game and the season can change on a weekly basis. Anyway, there is much more excitement coming and I look very much forward to it.

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