Daily Archives: January 30, 2011

The sense of the Winter Transfers

Winter-Transfers and other problems

The last few weeks have produced some interesting transfers, not only in the Premier League, but also across Europe. Adebayor to Real, Dzeko to ManCity and a few others still pending to happen before Monday 11:00PM. Of those that are still pending, the “Torres deal” is probably the most interesting. I am wondering, Liverpool needs some “upgrade” of the squad, no doubt. But why would you just buy a striker and in the same move sell your “biggest caliber”? Selling Torres wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever. Think of it, Liverpool is still in for 5th place and with that some European money, and that is what they need. An exchange, Suarez for Torres, would not be anything more, an exchange not an improvement. Besides that, Suarez would do better from coming behind Torres rather than taking the place on top. My tip, the Torres deal is not happening.

ManCity and the money

Let’s take a look at ManCity and their staffing strategy and business tactics. They spent quite some money in the past. Sometimes, one is wondering about the plan behind it. $40 million for Edin Dzeko from Wolfsburg. That’s a lot of money. Was it a necessary transfer? Well, that can be debated. In my opinion, it was not. There were 4 players to fit the position: Adebayor, Balotelli, Jo and Tevez. Considering the system played, 4 guys for one job. With that kind of guns already available, you don’t spend $40 million. That looks like “I just want to have it”. Now with Adebayor gone to Real Madrid (on loan, still paid by City) and Dzeko in, there are still 4 guys for that one spot. As a coach, while it is nice to have such choices, there is a lot of unrest cooking up. Looking at this from the business side, it is not making a lot of sense either. Go and add up the spent money on the forward positions. I claim, they will never get that money back. Not to talk about making a profit in buying and selling.

Real’s misery

After today it appears that in Spain the cake is eaten. Madrid lost in Osasuna and now Barca is sitting on a 7 point advantage. That means they need to lose twice and draw another one while Real has to win every game. Not happening!
They just got Adebayor on loan from ManCity in order to improve fire power and possibly win their games a little easier. After today’s loss, what’s left of this deal? Adebayor will not be able to play in the Champions League and the league title is further away than ever. All that’s left is the Copa Del Rey, which they can still snap from Barca. Well, it might be worth the loan fee.