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Transfer Time is over – Thank God!

Transfer time is over. Thank God!

First things first, I was wrong! In my last contribution to this blog I stated that the Torres transfer will not happen. Well, wrong. Nobody knows everything, not even me. With that said, I am not really sad about the fact that I was wrong. This transfer is completely insane and I claim I have common sense. Therefore, I couldn’t see this kind of waste coming. I learned.

$80,000,000.00, look at all the zero’s, for Torres? Yes, he is not a bad player and a couple of years ago he was really good. But that was before and right after the Euro 2008. For a year and a half he surely didn’t demonstrate a “value” of that magnitude. That’s one thing, and, yes, I admit, he was injured for a while. The other is, I didn’t see Chelsea being short of a striker at this time. Looking at the roster, there are quite some capable guys around. This is one of the things I have a hard time to understand, you have good players and you replace a good one with one that is not better or not even that good, just to spend money. ManCity had a few of those buys as well. For example, Dzeko is coming for $40,000,000.00 and Adebayor goes on loan to Real Madrid, where he scored today. What I am saying is this, don’t spend so much money for stuff you actually don’t need. In personal finance such leads to being broke at one point. And here we are at another point one should not underestimate: In times like this, recession and all, you might not set the right tone, especially when you a few hours before the deal was announced declare you made a $70,000,000 loss. Afterall, you also have a “public relations point of view” to handle. Even if I would wear a “blue cap”, I am not sure I would be really happy about this Torres deal.

Game day

The games today showed some interesting results. Not so much on top of the table, were the 4 of the top 5 won their games and kept themselves in the race for glory, but the results from 6 to 20 displayed interesting outcomes. West Ham won in Blackpool and made ground up, while Blackpool now all of the sudden changed the status from survivor to want-to-survivor. The same can be said about West Brom that just managed a tie against Wigan. The theory with “having a game on hand and that is a good thing” can turn quickly into a liability when the pressure is increasing as the “circus” moves into the last third of the competition. What three game days ago looked like same points, but a game on hand, turns now into a must win. Everyone from 15 to 20 will agree with that, I am sure. I am under the impression that some of those you wouldn’t think about today will face some trouble over the coming weeks. This counts for Newcastle, Blackpool, Stoke, West Brom and Birmingham. Lose a home game and you are in the middle of it.

A word about ManCity, only a tie in Birmingham. Not enough, in my opinion. 13 games left and if they want to win the title, they can’t leave any points on the table anymore. Sounds like a tall order.