Magic Rooney

Nice goal, Wayne! And well deserved. Let’s take a step back and reflect on the last 6 month or so. At the World Cup, sent home by the Germans, in a game that actually wasn’t a real competition (at least not in the second half). Back in England, no form, trouble with his wife and taking a seat on the bench and sometimes not even that. For a superstar like Wayne Rooney, that is quite a bummer. While it is tragic to lose form and edge because of being overplayed, the real trouble was self inflicted. Let’s not discus what that exactly was, I think those that read this, will know what I mean (if not, email me and I will explain).

Sir Alex did the right thing and took him out of the line of fire as good as possible. The first half of the season went down, more or less, without Rooney. Yes he played, but it wasn’t the Rooney we all know that was on the field. There was even speculation that he might leave United. Over the past few games however, Rooney clearly found his form back. He ran, fought and tried, no question. He did it in a way that grew confidence that at some point, he will be the Rooney we all knew. After today’s game and the great goal, I think Wayne is back! And, as stated above, he deserves to be back. He messed up, he took the punishment, he tried again and he came back. And I will add, he also found that luck is smiling at him again. Nani’s cross got a little hit by a defender, sailed right into the position he needed and he got the luck you need, when you try such a shot. Wayne is back!

Looking all good for ManU after today’s win. Man City off the back, at least for a while, Wayne is back and confidence is increasing. Let’s forget the “pathetic” performance from last week. Such can happen. If you win a game as the one today, then last week is forgiven. Looking ahead, it all looks good. Yes, there are some difficult games coming up, but that counts for all of the contenders.

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