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Follow up! – Importance of sales calls!

>While sitting over dinner, my girlfriend and I had a conversation about her banking situation. She stated her girlfriend, who just joined the same bank, got $250.00 for using a rewards program. My girlfriend went on to complain about the banks and their business policies, all to the disadvantage of their current customers. Only the new customers would get perks, in this case a rewards program. With a look at the website, the confusion was corrected: The program was on the website, for everyone to sign up, even the current customers.
The advice I gave my girlfriend was, read my blog. Just a few days ago (01/27/2011, in this blog) I wrote of the importance of sales calls, on a business2business level. Well, very embarrassing, she didn’t read it. Therefore, she couldn’t establish the link that sales calls are also important for the regular consumers out there. The problem with her is, like with many other people: The phone rings, ID will be checked, looks like a sales call, no pickup. If she runs into a sales call, she hangs up faster than the guy on the other side can take a breather to start the sales pitch. Needless to say, if the mail looks like junk, it goes unopend into the trash can. Calling her from an unknown, not blocked, phone number, with the intent to give her a million dollars, would be impossible. .As far as I know, there is only one exception, the coupons from Bloomingdales. Funny, isn’t it? Well, she didn’t turn down a million dollars yet, at least I hope so, but who knows how many hundreds of dollars she left on the table, just for ignoring the bank’s website, mail or phone calls in this one single case. She actually knows that companies give stuff away from time to time, but, more or less, just ignores the fact. One is tempted to believe she has nothing else than clothes on her mind. That’s not the case, though, she has a quite broad horizon.

So, again, this time to all: Listen to sales calls and check your mail. You never know what you find, and best, it doesn’t cost you anything, except money you leave on the table and a little time.

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Gattuso and Flamini – AC Milan representatives.

>> Yesterday I watched the much anticipated game between AC Milan and Tottenham. To my surprise, I had to realize that Spurs were actually controlling the game. Over the course of the EPL, I was always under the impression that Spurs are the team that is running out of gas and will lose touch to the TOP 4 in England. Well, who knows, they might be able to keep this up. Success carries, so they say.

With that out of the way, lets talk about the bad news. As the game went on, I became angrier by the minute. Not because Spurs played so well, but because of the way how some of the Milan players tried to save their behinds. Gennaro Gattuso must be mentioned as well as the french Flamini. Both are very well known for their ability to take the game to some unwanted levels, with fouls and with absolute ridiculous actions as in Gattuso’s case. In the process, the latter made a complete fool of himself, running physical attacks against players and Spurs’ Assistant Coach, Joe Jordan. For me, Gattuso’s way to handle things are a disgrace. Complete disrespect towards others and demonstration of complete loss of reality. If you haven’t realized it, I am holding back my real thoughts about this fool (Gattuso). He should be taken out of this competition for life and should be signed up for a serious mental health program including anger management.

His team mate Flamini on the other hand delivered an absolute brutal foul and only saw yellow for it. I wonder what that referee and his colleges were thinking. These days they have 6 officials in the champions league, connected with each other.  It is not getting any clearer what the intention was, at least not for someone who has somewhat of an idea about soccer. My attention is focused on the UEFA and the actions taken to protect players from some underdeveloped ….. I would be quite astonished, if there wouldn’t be any action taken.

Spurs, keep it up and watch out in the second leg. Milan might actually try to play soccer. And if they do, there might be a lot of work coming up.