Bundesliga won another Starter in the UEFA Champions League over Seria A!

>As of yesterday, the German Bundesliga has secured another UEFA Champions League starter place. With Bayern’s win against Inter Milan and Leverkusen’s advance in to the next round in the Europe League, the German Bundesliga took a starter place away from Italy. From the season 2012/13 the Bundesliga is starting with 3 teams in the Champions League and one in the qualifier. The Italians lost one and will start with two teams in Champions League and one in the qualifier.

What lured around for a while became reality. The improved quality of German soccer paid off for the German clubs and league. This is clearly a win for the Champions League and soccer. It also raises hopes from an economical standpoint, since the event will attract more German “big business” for advertising and sponsorship, not only in Germany, but globally.

If you take a look at the Bundesliga, it could easily be possible that a third of the league is playing on an international level. The Bundesliga has only 18 teams and starting in 2012 five of them will play international, guaranteed. With a favorable outcome in the German “DFB Pokal”, the number of international starters could go up to six. This is an outstanding achievement of the German league.

The Germans decided in the past to leave the Bundesliga and the 2. Bundesliga with 18 clubs each, betting that quality will improve. The other leagues in Europe play the season with 20 teams. The decision left the Germans with the advantage of a winter break. While the German soccer fans’ delight for the break is limited, the players and clubs appreciate the break to rest and re-charge batteries. Now the supporters suffering pays off, they can now watch more Champions League.

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