Barclay’s English Premier League – Chelsea – Manchester United, What a game!

In a clash of the titans, Chelsea today won the game against Manchester United and in a very impressive way made a statement about their ambitions.

Both teams started the game with a “want and must win” attitude. A fast and passionate game developed with neither side having an advantage. Rooney’s cracker after 30 minutes gave United the lead, but not control of the game. Chelsea fought back, without being successful before halftime. Ancelotti prepared for a change to bring Drogba for Anelka. After 54 minutes, David Luis scored to tie the game. After that, the game slowly went into the hands of Chelsea. After 79 minutes, Frank Lampard scored with a penalty. Manchester United wasn’t able to speed up the pace and get control back.

Chelsea’s win opens up a new view of the Premier League. While it looked like United will go all the way, after today’s result and the fact that Vidic isn’t allowed to play against Liverpool on Sunday (he saw yellow-red today), the competition could take an unexpected turn. Arsenal can now, with winning their game on hand, reduce United’s lead to one point. Chelsea, with today’s win, is two points behind Man City and has a game on hand. Excitement pure in the Barclay’s English Premier League.

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