Manchester United and Bayern Munich looking for a new Goalkeeper!

>Two of the top European clubs are looking for a new goalkeeper. Manchester United’s Edwin van der Sar is ending his great career at the end of this season. It seems there is no chance to convince the keeper to add another year. Bayern Munich is looking for a goalie that fits the style of play. Hans-Joerg Butt is too old, in coach van Gaal’s book. They also have the young Thomas Kraft. After the winter break Kraft became number one at the German top club. He is eager to stay number 1 at Bayern, however, the club is looking at Manuel Neuer from Schalke 04.

Neuer, since the World Cup 2010, the new number one in Germany is certainly a complete and perfect match for both, Bayern, as well as Manchester United. While he is not only a good shot stopper, he is probably the best “goalkeeper-field player combination” within the group of top class teams and goalkeepers in the World. While that sounds not so important for the most, Bayern Munich and Manchester United rely on the participation of their goalkeepers. Edwin van der Sar and Hans-Joerg Butt at Bayern Munich have given their teams the opportunity to use the entire field to keep possession and end opponents possession with a pass back to the goalie, even in situations the most wouldn’t pass the ball back.

While Bayern Munich, as usual, doesn’t keep a secret about their shopping list for the summer, Manchester United and Sir Alex keep their thoughts more closed up to avoid speculations. Neuer would be a rather expensive buy for a goalkeeper, but money is not the issue for both of the clubs. Besides that, considering what’s at stake every year and just looking at the last few games in England and Germany, a World Class Goalkeeper can get you the points you might need at the end. Schalke 04, Neuer’s club in Germany would certainly not be sad to cash in, even though they have their own ambitions and Neuer being a “Schalke -Kid”.

From Neuer’s view, he wants to play Champions League. While Bayern is struggling in the Bundesliga and qualification is by far not guaranteed, Manchester United would be a great platform to display his abilities. However, Bayern has the advantage that Neuer could stay in the league and country, therefore will allow a more comfortable personal life.

From a neutral observer’s view, Neuer must consider Manchester United, should the English Top Club show further interest. In United’s interest, look at this guy. He is the only solution to the problem at hand. Anything else will cause a loss in quality of the team.

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