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Nuclear power is not a safe option Thomas Kostigen’s Ethics Monitor – MarketWatch

Nuclear power is not a safe option Thomas Kostigen’s Ethics Monitor – MarketWatch.

What’s your stand on this?

AT&T swallows T-Mobile for $39 Billion!


AT&T acquires German T-Mobile USA for cash and stock deal valued $39 Billion.  The deal is subject to regulatory approval and can be expected to close in about a year. The deal will give Deutsche Telkom a stake of approx. 8% and a seat on AT&T’s board.

Premier League: Chelsea – Manchester City

Outstanding game at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Manchester City. The “Blues” kept City in check and created their own game based on strong defense around John Terry and David Luiz. City’s inability to create opportunities left Peter Cech with a nice early spring afternoon. His duties were limited to pick-up left over that was not completely cleaned up by Terry and Luiz, which he did with physical appearance  and routine.

On the other side, Chelsea created multiple opportunities to get the lead, but couldn’t keep the cool in front of Joe Hart’s goal. Carlo Ancelotti increased the pressure on the citizens after 70 minutes with bringing Drogba and Anelka for Malouda and Torres. Both didn’t disappoint, however, they couldn’t make the difference in the Man City box. Chelsea had to wait until the 70th minute to go ahead. After a Drogba free kick, David Luiz headed the ball into the net. Ramirez delivered the second, one minute before time.

The win helped Chelsea to pass Manchester City and take 3rd place. Manchester City, like this week in the Europa League, had to experience that it is not enough to buy “names”, it also has to fit on the field. While all the buys are excellent players and good enough to keep everyone from place six downwards in check, it is not enough, and not fitting, to beat the big guns.  In order for the citizens to become a European powerhouse, a lot has to happen.

Liverpool won their game in Sunderland and underlined their ambitions for 5th place and possibly more. Kuyt and Suarez delivered the goals for a 2-0 win at the Stadium of Light.