Barclay’s English Premier League: Excitement pure!

Soccer fans these days are spoiled with excitement pure. Not only “The Battle of Spain” between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is causing sleepless nights, but the Barclay’s English Premier League will now extend the explosive time, at least for a few days and hopefully longer.

Manchester United’s loss at Arsenal and Chelsea’s win against Spurs created an incredible exciting situation three rounds before the end of season. United is now leading the league with 73 points, followed by Chelsea with 70 points. A one game situation. On top of this, this coming Sunday, United and Chelsea meet at Old Trafford, for a game that now has the same explosive character as the “El Clasico” in Spain. Should Chelsea be able to win in Manchester, we will all have two more weeks of the English version of El Clasico excitement.

For Arsenal, in 3rd place, a Chelsea win would be a welcomed chance to get back into the game for the title. The gunners, currently sitting on 67 points, could sneak up on the top two with a win at Stoke City. The win against United should help the gunners to gain back there confidence and at least defend 3rd place and secure Champions League participation without the qualifying round. That is a spot that is eyed by Manchester City as well. Currently 4th, the Citizens have a game on hand that will be played next week Tuesday. A win could take them within reach to Arsenal.

Spurs will most likely have to settle for Europa League after losing to Chelsea. The game on hand will take place at Manchester City and from today’s view, it might be a difficult task to “keep the ball rolling”. With Liverpool winning game after game, even 5th place is in jeopardy. Spurs and Liverpool both are sitting with 55 points and the battle for 5th seems to be as fierce as the battle for championship. Quite possible that the face off at Anfield Road on May 15th will decide over Spurs faith. After all their accomplishments this season, it would be heart break to see them fall off the international stage.

In the relegation zone six teams are left to battle out the three “losers” of the year: West Ham (32), Wolves (34), Wigan (35), Blackpool (35), Blackburn (38) and Birmingham (39). Sunderland, Villa and Newcastle with 41 points might need another point or two to be save. West Ham with 32 points can’t afford to leave one point on the table in the last three games. If the schedule of the last three games is of any indication, West Ham, Blackpool, Wigan,Wolves and Blackburn will battle out three relegation places.

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