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What Klinsmann can do for U.S. Soccer

For a couple of days now I follow the discussion about and around the new U.S. National Coach Juergen Klinsmann. Everyone that knows about soccer or not is participating somehow. One of the major headaches for the experts, what is Klinsmann about to do in order to make things better? What will he change?

Well, there is not much wisdom necessary, he will try to teach on how to win a soccer game. An important game that is. The U.S. have won soccer games before, but the important games, on a world stage, went all ”straight into the pants” as the Germans say. When experts come up with successes on a world stage, they always refer to the famous win against Spain a few years back. Well done, however, there is not a lot of value given to a win in the Confederations Cup. At least not in the big soccer world. Successes are measured in world cup accomplishments. What counts for the big soccer nations is reaching the semifinal and up at the world cup. The rest is “cold coffee”, also a German saying.

The problem of the past years in U.S. soccer is a certain comfort with a few minor accomplishments and the following lack of focus on the important things (This, along with the biggest problem, college soccer, is something Klinsmann will address). While ten years ago all the U.S. had to do was catching up, 5 years ago, once they caught up, the build up for better successes was missed. The U.S. is not short of talent, we have more than many of the big soccer nations, but we are short of guys that teach a few things regarding the importance of winning a soccer game and how to win. Many of the foreign youth coaches here, gave it a try, but had to let it go, because the youth is so “protected” from doing things that are on the edge of the game. All our kids are technically very well educated. They learn to pass, dribble, juggle the ball and all those things. And those coaches that want to teach drills in that department are very popular, with parents and players, because its fun and easy. Since the most in the U.S. operate like that, on the national level that is not an issue and nice games develop. When they go to international competitions, it now starts to become difficult. The other nations can juggle the ball as well, but they do a few other things our kids have never seen before. Do the “juggle” in high pace and under physical and mental pressure turns into a struggle. On top of that, others are able to unpack a few things that for our kids are forbidden fruit and they are taught exactly that, don’t do it.

My best example of a waste of soccer talent is the actually best U.S. soccer player, Landon Donavan. Man, that boy had talent. Remember when he pulled the Germans 2002 all over the field? And almost(!) became the hero in that game? He had the talent and the abilities to become the first American world soccer star. It took him 9 more years to get a real soccer mentality and it needed a last chance in England at Everton FC. He messed up two opportunities before in Germany, in Munich and Leverkusen. Anyway, the visit in England did the trick and put him to the next level. His game and his personality has changed during the spell at Everton. When you watch him playing now and compare this to before the “break trough” in England, you can clearly see the difference. The nice young kid that could play soccer so well, became quite feisty and sometimes quite an a.. on the soccer field. He got a soccer mentality. What prevents him today from becoming a super star is, he is not 20 anymore. He missed to learn the soccer mentality when he was a teenager. That is what Klinsmann will try to teach the U.S.. Good luck, Juergen.

Lawmakers struggle to break stalemate in debt talks –

Lawmakers struggle to break stalemate in debt talks –

Boehner forgot how much money he has to save. Walking away, forgetting the numbers. What’s next? Time is running out.

Sergio Aguero complete move to Manchester City – Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN

Sergio Aguero complete move to Manchester City – Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Incredible. The more City is doing their thing, the more do I believe this cannot work. They will again have hundreds of millions sitting on the bench and waste their time.

WPS review: Alex Morgan steals point, lifts Flash into first – News | FOX Sports on MSN

WPS review: Alex Morgan steals point, lifts Flash into first – News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Alex Morgan in top shape. Women’s league competition in full gear.

Why you care about a debt downgrade – Video – Business News

Why you care about a debt downgrade – Video – Business News.

CNNmoney’s Poppy Harlow explains why you should care about a downgrade.

Christine Lagarde says U.S. must act on debt ceiling – Jul. 26, 2011

Christine Lagarde says U.S. must act on debt ceiling – Jul. 26, 2011.

The warnings are coming from all directions. Anyone listening in D.C.?

Video – Breaking News Videos from

Video – Breaking News Videos from

Mariah Carey on the Home Shopping Network.

Video – Breaking News Videos from

Video – Breaking News Videos from

Erin Burnett on CNN. Get used to it.

Debt deal: Boehner deal won’t prevent downgrading. What?

Gabriele Marcotti: Real Madrid’s Summer Road Trip –

Gabriele Marcotti: Real Madrid’s Summer Road Trip –

There won’t be any burnout or fatigue coming from all the travel. They don’t travel in a bus, they sit first class on the plane and have superb medical and training staff. Some clubs, once the season start doesn’t work well, will blame the travel.

Lionel Messi will not join Barcelona on US trip – La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN

Lionel Messi will not join Barcelona on US trip – La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Burned out and in need of rest. There is a good chance for a slow start into the Spanish league.

U.S. stock futures rise; debt talks, data in focus Indications – MarketWatch

U.S. stock futures rise; debt talks, data in focus Indications – MarketWatch.

Despite the political inability to get a deal done – Markets hanging on.

The Cosmos Copa – A soccer and multicultural event that could reach millions alone in New York City

This weekend’s final was the closing event of the 2011 Cosmos Copa. The tournament, first played in 2009, has reached a high level of soccer and in the future could easily become a top event for soccer agents and clubs in search for talent. Not only that, but the event, due to its incredible reach into all ethnic and cultural groups in New York City, has the ability to reach millions of New Yorkers and might turn into a major multicultural event in the city.

On the soccer side, Poland won this year’s “NYC world championship”. And the Polish deserved the win. No other team matched playing ability, physical and mental strength better than the Polish. This weekend’s semi final and final seem to proof this theory. In Saturday’s semi final the Polish met the English, and just like in the big soccer world, it seems the Polish are always good for an English nightmare. I still remember the game in London’s Wembley Stadium during the 1970 world cup qualifier, when the Polish in the deciding game won 2-0 at the English holy ground of soccer and the English missed the world cup. Saturday’s game ended in a shoot out and the Polish emerged as the winner due to their patience and keeping the game high at all time.

Sunday’s final Poland – Senegal ended on the same note. While Senegal played excellent soccer throughout the tournament, when their playing and physical abilities were matched, the mental department left them hanging and the Polish 3-1 win after a Senegal lead reflected that. While the Polish were able to keep their game at a high level, Senegal lost their game over unnecessary discussions with the referee and the following distractions from off the field and on the field. While most of the Senegal players within an hour after the game realized “why”, it appeared that some others and some supporters are still suffering from all the defeat. Right after the game, their coach gave them a good speech to learn from. If they are real soccer players, they will take their coaches advice and come back next year to give it another shot. Good enough soccer players they are, that’s for sure.

Why the job market sucks and the economy suffers

FINS – Congrats on the promotion, condolences on the salary—The economic downturn has forced employers to tighten their belts and do more with less. With fewer resources available, many companies have refrained from handing out raises, even when an employee is given additional responsibilities and a title change…read more

No debt deal, but lots of roosters and wing flapping.

By Deborah Levine and Steve Goldstein, MarketWatch

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Efforts to conclude a plan to increase the debt ceiling showed little progress Sunday night as lawmakers still haven’t agreed a path forward to avoiding a potential default despite a weekend of talks. Read more

Debt negotiations: The collar is tight, and getting tighter by the minute

Yesterday I went to a business event in one of the New York libraries. While at the event, I met a senior who was interested in what is going on with all these people. A short conversation developed and it turned out he was at the library because he has no air conditioning at home. It was kind of a difficult situation for a moment and I didn’t dare ask the question, why not? I was glad he took that hurdle and explained he can’t afford it. He is on a tight budget, can’t buy one and can’t afford increased costs. He took it with grace, if that can be said in such a situation. “I just have to wait a few days, until it cools down”.

Those that are responsible for their people and their wellbeing, I mean the guys in D.C., of course, have other agendas. In an incredible display of arrogance, self interest and ignorance towards the people, they are playing their game, about political power and playing out leverage. One, as the President, is supposed to be in charge Continue reading