Women’s Soccer World Cup Final 2011: Soccer is that good (and brutal)

What a game! The Women Soccer World Cup Final 2011 was an incredible game. Everyone that saw the game today went from one emotional outbreak to another. Pain, disappointment and excitement turned into joy, early celebrations, outbreaks of pride and all the way back to the beginning. At the end, we all sat there with an open mouth and couldn’t believe what just happened.

After two hours of world class soccer and a stunning pk shoot-out, Japan was the new World Champion. For those holding it with the U.S. women, heaven appeared to come down and excitement turned into disbelieve. Those that were holding it with the Japanese were ecstatic, but no less surprised.

What happened? The U.S. girls were the favorite for the title and justified their role with a strong first half. Only crossbar and goal post prevented the U.S. to go ahead in the first half. A fact that at the end made the U.S. pay the bill. In the second half the Japanese took their heart into both hands and came up strong and an incredible game developed. The Japanese came back from behind twice and at the end earned the shoot-out. The shoot-out was a stunner as the two hour game was an incredible game. Why in the world the U.S. missed three penalties out of four, nobody has an explanation. Like many others before, this game didn’t deserve a loser. How important a tie can be! Well, this was the world cup final, and as such, it must have a winner. If it is of any help at all, at least it was a sensational game and the opponent was Japan. What all the Japanese had to endure this year. If anyone deserves a well earned win in such a game, it must be Japan. Go, land of the rising sun, go and celebrate. Once again, a soccer game is changing a peoples world. That’s how it is, soccer is life!

The major question that rose after the game, and before, can the world cup make an impact of the acceptance of soccer in the U.S., especially women’s soccer? The league is struggling and needs a push. Can a world cup defeat deliver that push? This is a question that can only be answered by the future. One important question, however, how popular women soccer is, should actually be out of question by now.

Corporate America, you are looking for a way to reach women and households in America? Soccer, and the women that play it, are a wonderful opportunity and will clearly add to the profits that the “soccer moms” already produce. Tell me, who doesn’t know Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, Christie Rampone and all the other great athletes in the American world cup squad? Those that sell 800 hp trucks and dip need not to think, but those that are selling other than that, need to bite. If this (real) world cup performance doesn’t create a major buzz, nothing will and it should be acknowledged that Corporate America is short of forward looking and creative marketing people.

My current research project:

What is your opinion about the New York Cosmos? Please vote by clicking on your closest option.

Yes, I want the New York Cosmos to come back, because I believe it would give the MLS more international flair and recognition.

Yes, I want the the New York Cosmos to come back, but I don’t believe they have a special impact on the MLS’ international flair and recognition.

No, I don’t want the New York Cosmos in the MLS.

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