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The Cosmos Copa – A soccer and multicultural event that could reach millions alone in New York City

This weekend’s final was the closing event of the 2011 Cosmos Copa. The tournament, first played in 2009, has reached a high level of soccer and in the future could easily become a top event for soccer agents and clubs in search for talent. Not only that, but the event, due to its incredible reach into all ethnic and cultural groups in New York City, has the ability to reach millions of New Yorkers and might turn into a major multicultural event in the city.

On the soccer side, Poland won this year’s “NYC world championship”. And the Polish deserved the win. No other team matched playing ability, physical and mental strength better than the Polish. This weekend’s semi final and final seem to proof this theory. In Saturday’s semi final the Polish met the English, and just like in the big soccer world, it seems the Polish are always good for an English nightmare. I still remember the game in London’s Wembley Stadium during the 1970 world cup qualifier, when the Polish in the deciding game won 2-0 at the English holy ground of soccer and the English missed the world cup. Saturday’s game ended in a shoot out and the Polish emerged as the winner due to their patience and keeping the game high at all time.

Sunday’s final Poland – Senegal ended on the same note. While Senegal played excellent soccer throughout the tournament, when their playing and physical abilities were matched, the mental department left them hanging and the Polish 3-1 win after a Senegal lead reflected that. While the Polish were able to keep their game at a high level, Senegal lost their game over unnecessary discussions with the referee and the following distractions from off the field and on the field. While most of the Senegal players within an hour after the game realized “why”, it appeared that some others and some supporters are still suffering from all the defeat. Right after the game, their coach gave them a good speech to learn from. If they are real soccer players, they will take their coaches advice and come back next year to give it another shot. Good enough soccer players they are, that’s for sure.

Why the job market sucks and the economy suffers

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No debt deal, but lots of roosters and wing flapping.

By Deborah Levine and Steve Goldstein, MarketWatch

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