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Bank Marketing is about as exciting as a local car sales campaign

What makes a good marketing campaign? This is a question that many business owners and decision makers in corporate America ask themselves for years. The results of the thinking is raining down on us on a daily basis in form of advertising in many forms, social media activities and uncounted other forms of activity to promote a product, service or a company. Marketing is considered one of the most important activities for a business. And, I think, it is true. If you are unable to make the consumer aware of whatever you have to sell, you won’t sell enough to make your campaign successful.

In the last sentence above lies one of the keys for a successful marketing campaign. Selling!! The activity of selling is at the end of the campaign, but the process of selling clearly is deciding on the success of every marketing campaign. While corporate America is investing incredible amounts of money in the top end of a marketing campaign, the investment in the executing part of the campaign is rather modest. An incredible example for such a blunder are banks. Continue reading

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The reason why Warren Buffett is unmatched: He works in the tub.

Buffett’s Bank of America deal, dreamed up in the tub – The Term Sheet: Fortune’s deals blog Term Sheet.

This is very common. The best ideas are always popping up away from work and in an environment that has nothing to do with work and is recommended as a place to leave work where it is, at work.

Another reason why he is what he is, he is not only thinking about it, he actually does what he thinks. I’ve been thinking of buying Bank of America, but I didn’t do it. Already missed a chance. BofA stock is good for $12.00 until the end of January 2012, possibly earlier. Too good of a bank, outstanding footprint to take advantage of when things get better and now Warren Buffet is in. I can’t help it, BofA is a buy. Make sure you read the disclaimer in the tab on top of this page.


Wal-Mart enters video streaming business, successful as it appears.

Wal-Mart’s Vudu Proves a Hit.

Interesting report about Wal-Mart’s “Vulu” video streaming service. This could be a major piece of the “video streaming cake” and could make another look at Wal-Mart’s stock necessary. In the same way it might take influence on Netflix’ stock.

Barclay’s English Premier League – Arsenal and the wait for glory

Fergie takes a shot at Arsenal trophy drought – Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Looking at the situation in the premier league and Europe these days, it doesn’t look like Arsenal can end the drought in winning silverware soon. If there are any, Carling Cup and FA Cup might be the only opportunities to end the drama. In my opinion, however, of all the past years, this year seems to be a rebuild for Arsenal and it would be wise to declare so. This would give Arsenal a chance to build in peace with a little less pressure. Continue reading

The United States according to the 2010 Census

Explore the 2010 census –

Take a look at how the country has changed over the past 10 years. While you do so, keep in mind that this was already known 20 years ago and longer.


Didier Drogba’s knock-out against Norwich. Outsch! Soccer is Life!

All the best to Didier Drogba. I prefer to sit out “Irene”.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO, Law Firms and Business Development.

15 Common Questions About Search Engine Optimization , Conabiz blogs.

In today’s business world it is mandatory that you have a functioning web presence. By functioning I mean not only an easy to look at and organized website, but also a site that can live up to the purpose and deliver new business.

In order for your website to create some new business for you, it is mandatory that your potential customers can find you and your services on the internet. Many people approach building their website with a more or less “hopeless” outlook towards the results and therefore neglect their web presence. If you consider yourself one of these people, you are wrong.

One of the best example on industries that neglect their internet presence, and with that potential multi-million $ business opportunities, are law firms. Continue reading

Soccer is Life! – Finding hope on the soccer fields of Haiti

Finding hope on the soccer fields of Haiti –

There is no other sport in the world that can do the same. Soccer is life for these children and Patrice Millet.

Remember the Cosmos. The New Cosmos Country Newsletter, New York Cosmos open Online Store

Introducing the new Cosmos Country Newsletter and the New York Cosmos Online Store.

8/19/2011 – The New York Cosmos today introduced their new Cosmos Country Newsletter. The newsletter is stuffed with the latest news about the Cosmos and the newest developments around the club and Cosmos Country.

 The Cosmos also celebrated the opening of their Online Store. As a celebration gift buyers can take advantage of a 10% rebate with the use of shopping code “CosmosCountry10” at the check out.

Remember the Cosmos is a campaign of in support of the New York Cosmos come back. has discovered world wide interest in the soccer giant’s awakening. Read more about the campaign under is a NYC PR, marketing, business & partnership development entity and is part of The Main Street Analyst.

Analyst speculation at its best – Google is still a cash cow.

Motorola deal sparks worries over Google cash – MarketWatch
What is the analyst profession about to do? Google is one of the biggest cash cows in corporate America and that fact alone is not quite popular with everyone. A lot of people would love to see dividend rather than investment. The Motorola deal will not change anything about that fact. What should one do with that kind of cash. Investments, smart investments like this one are the best use of the resources.

Everyone agrees on the deal. A different financing wouldn’t change anything on the fact that Google now inherits 39,000 people and other expenses on the side. If the deal is so agreeable, this is the way to finance it, no question.




Barclay’s English Premier League – Liverpool won’t make top 3

Picks, predictions, prognosticiations – FOX Soccer’s Premier League choices – Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN.

After the first day the new “Top 3” of the Barclay’s English Premier League have lost one already. Liverpool FC will not keep up with the big guns in the league. It is clear that the new guns are not able to bring more playing culture and class to the club. A disappointing draw against Sunderland brought the high flying Kops back to the ground. Not only was the result disappointing, the game itself disappointed much more. There was nobody visible that can take the game in his hand and steer the ship. Today’s performance is not enough to compete with Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City and it doesn’t look like that Liverpool can pull much better out of the hat. My tip, not more than 5th for the Kops.

Six sigma is supposed to help corporations to…

Six sigma is supposed to help corporations to streamline processes. The most important intention is, save the company money. Those that invented it, the consulting companies that implement it, those that sell it and otherwise make money on it, love it and think it is the greatest thing on Earth since sliced bread. Those that lose their job, have to sell it to the companies workers and those that take a closer look at what it actually does, think it is idiotic. All in all, what do you think about it? Is there an overall advantage for the U.S. economy? Scroll down in the sidebar and leave your vote.

Cosmos interested in signing David Beckham – MLS News | FOX Sports on MSN

Cosmos interested in signing David Beckham – MLS News | FOX Sports on MSN.

#RememberTheCosmos #New York Cosmos This is America. This is Cosmos. Everything is possible.