Barclay’s English Premier League – Arsenal and the wait for glory

Fergie takes a shot at Arsenal trophy drought – Premier League News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Looking at the situation in the premier league and Europe these days, it doesn’t look like Arsenal can end the drought in winning silverware soon. If there are any, Carling Cup and FA Cup might be the only opportunities to end the drama. In my opinion, however, of all the past years, this year seems to be a rebuild for Arsenal and it would be wise to declare so. This would give Arsenal a chance to build in peace with a little less pressure.

Manchester United, Manchester City and one or two others in the premier league will not allow the gunners to win the champion ship. Looking at the Champions League, we can add Barca, Real Madrid and a number of other teams with a better outlook for a win of the Champions League.

Despite the brutal 8:2 beating by Manchester United and considered all the losses, Ces Fabregas and Nasri, Arsenal has still a good enough team to make the top 5 in England. There is also enough cash at hand to find the one or the other addition to the team. And this is mandatory for Arsene Wenger to do. Gear up and build the team for the next season. That sounds rather lame considering that this season just started, but that’s what the truth is.

On whether Arsene Wenger will still be the manager has to be seen. In any way, Arsenal is a team that is going through change and will need some time to come back as one of the major contenders for the premier league title.

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