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Players like Tevez are not worth the money – They are of no use on the business side of the game.

After becoming a $Billion organization, Manchester City’s times are not getting easier. Having a roster of 22 so-called superstars has its own dynamics. Roberto  Mancini knows about that, and I am sure in 10 years he has a few stories to tell about the circus he managed at City.

The latest “performance” of Carlos Tevez is just  one of many incredible displays of idiotic behavior by City’s stars. Tevez refused to warm-up Continue reading


Weidner: Cops arrested the wrong people on Wall Street

Weidner: Cops Shouldn’t Have Arrested Protesters.

Goldman rules the world. Another one suffering from loss of reality.

Watching this video and lsitening to this trader can really scare the hell out of people. He claims Goldman Sachs rules the world and traders give a s… on politics and programs to rescue the economy. While he might be right with certain statements, he goes too far with admiring himself and his friends.

This idiot is falling into the category “I am doing God’s work” and “Fabulous Fab is the only one who sees it”. Most important, he completely lost his sense of reality. With his statement, he didn’t do his industry a favor.

His, and the other “financial experts'” comments and actions will only lead to more regulation, as it already happnes, in order to prevent more damage to happen. He is right that certain organizations work against governement programs in order to keep the profits up, but it won’t last forever. This guy and the rest of the “cuckoo nest” will make a lot of money on all of us, but eventually they will shut themselves down.

Torres is finally doing the right thing.

After months, not to say over a year, Fernando Torres and his management finally do some positive PR for the “poor” Chelsea striker. Torres recently hit the wall again with a century miss last week at United and a red card on Saturday. While clearly playing better and scoring, he seems not to be out of the hole, yet. For the next three league games he won’t be available due to his red card. After that, he can take a new start with all the new energy and strategies.Good luck, Fernando.

Poll: Who is going to win the UEFA Champions League 2012 and the Euro 2012?

Are there always the same takers, or do we have others that can keep up now? Real Madrid, Manchester United, the newly rich from Manchester City, the host of the final, Bayern Munich? Anyone?

Euro 2012: What’s up England, Germany, Netherlands, Italy? Can you do it?

Do you trust Goldman? Is it good for Facebook to be involved?

This morning I had a real interesting conversation. A friend called me and wanted to talk about his portfolio. While we were doing so, he came up with a few new companies he wanted to take a look at. When he mentioned them, I thought yes, those might be good choices for an investment. While talking, he brought up something I have heard before, but didn’t really took too serious. He stated, “there is too much Goldman opinion in the analyst’s view”. I asked, what he means by that and the answer is, while not entirely new, kinda interesting: “If Goldman comes up with an Analyst opinion or recommendation, you must do the opposite or stay away”. Continue reading

Netflix – Where is it going?

Netflix is in the news for a few days now, and the news is not good. The stock took a major hit over the past days and went down to $155.00.

Where is that stock going? Well, Netflix was for while the top address for movies (I wonder why). They had a good business model, though. For a low fixed price one could watch movies in DVD format. Clearly, the price and the service provided was outstanding. However, it wasn’t very difficult to figure out that DVD mailing is not the future of watching movies Continue reading

Multicultural Marketing is out? – Then good luck with your marketing efforts.

As Sun Sets on Multicultural Space, Execs Must Adapt | The Big Tent – Advertising Age.

The article above is suggesting multicultural marketing is about to go away. At least, from looking at the responses on social media, some people took the report that way. Not sure what prompted the writer to suggest that, but the report certainly has a few flaws, to say the least.

That corporate America is cutting costs and is attacking the “smaller” budgets first, is as normal as it is wrong. While on a cost cutting fury, long term decision are mostly not very well thought through. It is also nothing new, that the marketing experts Continue reading

German Restaurants in New York City

German Food – Real Good Food

Happy Birthday, Flip!

Please all RT and forward. Wish Flip a happy 3rd!

Temryss Lane Running Sideline – Chivas USA vs. D.C. United

Follow Temryss and get a hold of the game.


Lady Gaga and New York City – What a Marketing & PR Opportunity

Lady Gaga to headline N.Y. New Year’s Eve – MarketWatch.

I am working since weeks on trying to connect Lady Gaga, New York City, a Multicultural Soccer Club and the New York Small Business World. It seems I am not the only one.

Check my poll:

I appreciate comments and feedback.

Running a Marketing Campaign for New York and the New York City Business World

If you would run a marketing campaign for New York City and the New York City business world, who would you choose as your “poster child”?

Thank you for your participation!

Am I too big to work with a small marketing firm?

A question the big players might ask themselves – Am I too big to work with a small marketing firm?

The answer first, you are not. At first sight it might look a little tight, but you wouldn’t believe the power coming out of such partnerships. The idea of marketing is to catch attention for your brand, product or service. Marketing is about getting attention for what you have or what you sell. Small things can come with lots of creativity, and, in a tight market you get around the corners more quickly, no matter how big you are. Marketing is fast paced these days. Stay big and become more nimble with a small partner.
Clearly, a small car, but you never know what’s under the hood.

Hot New Business: City QR Code

From City QR Code Blog

The City QR Code project is a service initially designed for Grassroots American businesses. The underlying idea is that we’re making it affordable for any retail store to create a useful mobile website. Many services provide low cost mobile websites now, and you can create QR codes from your own computer easily if you have the Chrome web browser. What AWKS is doing is joining today’s mobile website technologies and QR codes in such a way that it is easy to do and the business application makes sense for people reading ads, walking by a store and even inside a store.

Grassroots American businesses will find it very easy to update their mobile website from their PC or from their phone. Restaurant owners will even be able to update their daily lunch menu while standing in the kitchen each morning. Users will find the mobile interface provides answers to their questions at the moment they think of them. The system is very fast on a phone…read more