Players like Tevez are not worth the money – They are of no use on the business side of the game.

After becoming a $Billion organization, Manchester City’s times are not getting easier. Having a roster of 22 so-called superstars has its own dynamics. Roberto  Mancini knows about that, and I am sure in 10 years he has a few stories to tell about the circus he managed at City.

The latest “performance” of Carlos Tevez is just  one of many incredible displays of idiotic behavior by City’s stars. Tevez refused to warm-up and play in City’s Champions League game at Bayern Munich. What many fear will happen, happened on Tuesday: They beat themselves. There is no doubt that this team has true footballers, many of them. However, it appears that the combined IQ and understanding of reality is low.

Tevez is not the only one that has his way of displaying his bad mood. Almost on a weekly basis we can watch complaining when minute 60 of any game approaches and substitutes are made. Many players go off the field with comments on their lips and their face expressions clearly show what their personal opinion is. We can only guess what the talk between the players is. Groups are building and teamwork is short. As the season goes on, this is not getting any better. It might be possible to cover all that with winning games, but if it comes to the point that City doesn’t win 2 or 3 in a row, it is going to rain.

City must approach this problem and make it clear what the club’s opinion is about all this nonsense. Let Tevez go, no, he is not worth the money. Yes, there will be a write off of a few $million, but that can be made up in the long run with better PR. One thing is clear, City might be a good football/soccer team, a good marketing partner they are not. I am sure that City’s marketing and business partners have their concerns about the “monkey theater” that is going on there. Few would debate the fact, that the better business partner is on the red side of town. With that said, kick out Tevez and the next two or three that display the same unprofessional behavior and ge the shop cleaned up. It will pay off, not only on the field, but in $ as well. Being successful in football is not only playing good on the field, it is also making the right decisions in the corporate office. You got the quality of players,even if you kick out a few, now get quality into the business part of the club.


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