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Insurance Rate Increase Unreasonable

Madoff – Faked Statements

Supercommittee failure? No, the U.S. voter failed – You get what you vote for, or not vote for

Supercommittee failure? No, the U.S. voter failed – MarketWatch First Take – MarketWatch.

True story. If you look at the outcome of an election, one has to wonder what people do expect to happen in politics. One can make out an educational problem, or just take political membership as a lifestyle. With at least the half of the population suffering from the financial crisis and the following recession, it is hard to believe that we have a political mess such as this.

If, one day, all Americans decide to go vote after really thinking about what is really good for them, then we will have a clear direction in American politics. “Good for them” means thinking about important stuff such as health care, social services, jobs, tax, not gun rights, abortion or other material to “make a catch”. Until then, it will be the same as usual. The minority that is going to vote will vote as a lifestyle, whether it fits their needs or not. If grandpa voted Republican, the grandchild is voting Republican as well and the other way around. The rest is complaining and watching TV rather than go vote.

Piers Morgan knows Soccer

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TV War

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Home Sales up in October

Wall Street set for drop on U.S., Europe worries

Wall Street set for drop on U.S., Europe worries – Indications – MarketWatch.

Oh no. Again?

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