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Tuesday’s Champions League Results and Reports – Overview

“Theater of Dreams” might turn into a nightmare – English clubs facing elimination

It’s been a while since three of four English clubs playing the Champions League face elimination before the last game in the group stage. Manchester United’s tie at the “Theater of Dreams” against Benfica and Manchester City’s loss in Napoli might have just set the stage for a bad awakening.

With Chelsea facing a “deciding” match at Bayer Leverkusen, they might just join the club. What’s the situation? Manchester City is already in the terrible situation that they completely depend on help from others. In other words, besides of winning their own game against Bayern Munich, they also need a Villareal win, or at least a tie, against Napoli. Tall order. City looks like they continue in the Europa League for the rest of the season.

Manchester City has an advantage. They can manage moving on on their own. They just need to win in Basel in order to be sure to advance. There is a pretty high chance that United is going to do so. However, there is a real chance that they might continue in the Europa League as well. Basel already snatched 3 points from United, in the “Theater of Dreams”.

Chelsea is a group with Leverkusen, Valencia and Genk. A Valencia win against Genk tomorrow and a Leverkusen win against Chelsea will leave the English 1 point down of Leverkusen and tied with Valencia. The last game in that group is Valencia at Stamford Bridge. And there, “the grapes are not hanging that high anymore”.

There is a lot of theory in this “speculation”. However, in the past years, there weren’t many moments when the English clubs were subject to such discussion. This fact alone leaves a lot of space for discussion.

It is usually agreed on that the Barclay’s English Premier League is the strongest league in the world. It might be wise to start reconsider that and possibly, like in the business world, just downgrade a notch: The top four in England are top European contenders. It is certainly not more at this point, even if they still all advance.

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Supercommittee Fails to Identify Even Bogus Cuts – Lots of Wing-Flapping for Nothing

Supercommittee Fails to Identify Even Bogus Cuts: Caroline Baum – Bloomberg.

Considering the ridiculous wing-flapping back in August, why would we expect this committee come up with a different result? It is not that different people with other interests were called up to find a solution.

One is under the impression that this “circus” was installed to win time to get closer to the big target, the elections next year. As it stands, no solution is what the Republicans need. That would give the opportunity to unload all the blame on the Democrats and Obama. This has been dragged out for so long, a solution now or in the next few months would almost “kill” the Reps chances to win the election.


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