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Changed Mentality helped Arsenal

Black Friday 2011 Turns Freaky for Economists, Politicians

Black Friday 2011 Turns Freaky for Economists, Politicians: View – Bloomberg.

Northern Ireland hoping for foreign investment

Ahead again!

Worst Dressed Cities in America

Black Friday Round Up

Insanity at its best!

Are Banks good Business?

Australia approves Foster’s sale

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Violence on Black Friday – Wal-Mart

Happy Black Friday

Andre Villas-Boas backed by Roman Abramovich

Andre Villas-Boas backed by Roman Abramovich | Mail Online.

Backed by Roman? Well, that has to be seen. Guus Hiddink is in the talks again. Not sure what Chelsea wants with him. He seems to need more help than AVB, after his blunder in Turkey.

Daily Soccer News

AVB – Some Shop, Others Play