What is a job seeker to do? Be social, or not?

What is a job seeker to do? Isn’t looking for a job difficult enough these days? Now a job seeker has to put his/her social life on hold so that a recruiter can make the marks at the right position? The question should not even be subject to discussion for multiple reasons. As long as it is of disadvantage and is considered “personal information” to attach a picture to a resume, screening of social media should not be allowed. If the content of social media is not “liked” by the “screener” interview questions should/must be asked about a social media profile. Who can guarantee this? On the other side, most job seekers prepare their social profiles for a job search just like they do with a resume. That could mean all kind of things.

If a company is looking for people that can perform a certain job, they should get the picture while speaking with the candidate. Reading a Facebook or Twitter profile will not cut it. If that is a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s decision maker, then he/she should be replaced. Despite all the social media and other options available these days, recruiting and hiring is still people business.

One response to “What is a job seeker to do? Be social, or not?

  1. Good stuff, just posted an article entitled Digital Dirt today on my blog…interesting ethical questions. Cheers

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