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Facebook IPO Valuation at $100Billion?

Considering that Goldman Sachs wants to make a buck on this as well, insanity becomes normal.

Piers Morgan alive after interview…

Can it be worse than Fox News?

Fox News for Democrats…

John Skipper promoted to President of ESPN

Hopefully that has an influence on what is shown on ESPN.

Everything can happen…

Homeless World Cup…

Major League Soccer — Just how good is MLS compared to other leagues?

Major League Soccer — Just how good is MLS compared to other leagues? – ESPN.

The European players in MLS all dodget the question with stating “you can’t compare this”. No further comment needed. Frank Rost gave a wink on how it would look like if they would compare. Let’s put it this way, what MLS has in common with the big leagues is, they play soccer.

The system of MLS is just a copy of the NFL and the other professional sports teams in Baseball and Basketball. They don’t have to fear a lot of competition form abroad, so for them it is a good system.Soccer is different. The entire world plays soccer and therefore there is competition. As sad as it is, the system here is holding back the sport.

Club soccer as it is structured here in the U.S. can never be competitive compared to the European leagues. As it is right now, the talent stands no chance against the European counterparts. That counts for young talent, to the best players and up to the coaches. It is just not the same. “Exceptions confirm the rule”. Yes, there are some players that can make it into the European leagues because of their quality and talent.

That the quality of the game has improved is clearly thanks to the foreigners coming and playing here. In soccer, we all need to welcome anyone who has played on a professional level in Europe and wants to help here. It takes at least 10 years more until we can stand on our own feet.

What you have to do as a coach….

Tim Krul is a decent goalie. Not more, not less.

Mobility supports Freedom of Speech…

Consider this…

Prada is IN

Hot Startup Sectors for 2012


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