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This is fitting right into the subject of the last post.

Cutting at the wrong places

No, but they cut at the wrong places.

U.S. U17 boys beat Brazil 3-1…Make sure they don’t go to college

Fabio Capello on Wayne Rooney

I can’t believe he is considering leaving Wayne Rooney at home. I am sure he is playing. On the other hand, Rooney might be a happy camper to have a nice vacation. Advancing to the next round is not a sure thing. Sitting there and watching three games and then travel home is not that great.

Barclay’s English Premier Leaugue Players under the Microscope

Roberto Martinez and Wigan

I don’t think he is overrated. I think he is “overloyal”. He needs to leave Wigan.

Bayern Munich is back on top


El Clasico – Gigantic Soccer Event

Blatter’s Opinion…

The Heat goes up…El Clasico is coming

Diedier Drogba supports AVB

Martin O’Neill and Sunderland…

WWII Bomb Forces Mass Evacuation in Germany

Facebook and Privact Issues are an ongoing Problem…