UEFA Champions League – Pants down for the English Clubs…

Today and tomorrow it counts for the Barclay’s English Premier League clubs. Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City are fighting for survival in the UEFA Champions League. While Manchester United and Chelsea can advance on their own, City is not so fortunate. City’s fortune is depending on Villareal and their mood. The Spanish must deliver a point in the game against Napoli and City win their game against Bayern Munich. Bayern Munich is traveling to Manchester as the group winner and is not very concerned about the outcome of this trip. There lies City’s chance for a win. The rest will be praying…

There is more fire in the games of the other two Premier League candidates. Chelsea cannot afford anything against Valencia and must play to win the game. The same counts for Manchester United. In order to clear all doubts, a win for both is needed.

The situation for the English clubs in the CL groups is quite a surprise. Commonly known as the strongest league in the world, that image got some scratches over the past weeks. It is now on the three big guns to set the record straight. For the good of the CL, the financial view, it might be a good thing if the English clubs survive. For the good of soccer, it is good to see that other clubs are able to keep up with the financial power houses. Excitement is provided. Watch the games on Fox Soccer Channel, Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:45pm.

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