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Did Apple redefine photography…

How about some Gossip?

What song is that going to be…


Back in Town…

Chamakh to Bordeaux?

Anelka to China?

El Clasico – Next time, just do it the Mourinho way

Farley: Pride no longer on Jose Mourinho’s side – La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN.

Jose MourinhoThese days pride isn’t going to win a game against Barca. Once and for all, and for a few month more, at least, this is the best team out there. You have two choices, stay at home and give the game away, or you go out and try as good as you can to win the game. Trying not losing by too much, or possibly get a point is the same as staying at home. Continue reading

Wisdom of Guardiola shines through again


Corrigan: Wisdom of Guardiola shines through again – La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN.

It is awesome to see how a coach can make an impact on a game. There is currently no other that has such a visible impact on a game. Guardiola played the game and he has the ability to put himself on the field and see it from a players view and make decisions accordingly.