How to dress: first date

How to dress: first date

Got a first date and want a second one? Dress to impress by following‘s rebuff-proof guide to what to wear for wooing. Look like you’ve made an effort, but not too much effort. As Hardy Amies says, “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.” No woman wants to date a man who has spent more time getting ready than she has. GTL should be restricted to nights out on the Jersey Shore.

Buy a decent wallet.
Because all the brownie points you earn by paying for dinner will evaporate in an instant if your billfold says “Bad Motherfucker” on it. Put your money into brown or black leather. A clip can be a stylish alternative as long as it isn’t in the shape of a dollar sign.

A logo T-shirt sends a message.
Not the right one. This also applies to novelty socks, ties and anything with Homer Simpson on.

Because whether it’s before or after your eyes, backside and bank account, she will look and she will judge you by them – even if you’re David Gandy. Good-quality leather lace-ups or loafers are the safest bets. Socks are scarcely less important and should be fine wool or cashmere. Seriously, we really can’t emphasise this enough. A female colleague’s grandma always told her never to trust a man with unpolished shoes. Another is wary of men wearing shoes which are too polished. Yet another left a restaurant because her date was wearing flip-flops. With a suit. And don’t even think about mandals.

Keep your denim dark, slim and plain.
“Tricked-up” jeans will impress less than offering to go Dutch. Also no bootcut unless you’re at the rodeo.

Wear a scent.
But not too much of it. If you smell like a tart’s boudoir than she may suspect that you frequent one. If in doubt, go classic and unassailably masculine: Eau Sauvage, Aqua di Parma, pretty much anything by Tom Ford. Spray on your chest under your shirt and on your hair to give her an incentive to get closer – wrists and neck wear off too quickly – and never down your trousers. Also clean and trim your fingernails if you want to touch her ever.

Sporting attire should be avoided at all costs
unless your date involves watching or participating in sport. In which case there probably won’t be a second date.

Don’t peacock.
This is not The Game, you are not Mystery, and peacock is not a word that you want associated with you in any way. The window display at Banana Republic is a good reference point.

Dress for pleasure, not business.
Don’t wear a suit unless your date is somewhere incredibly swanky, and even then smart separates are almost always preferable. As well as looking like you’ve come straight from work (and therefore made zero effort), if you’re dressed like a mobile phone salesman then it looks like you’re trying too aggressively to close the deal, and no respectable woman wants to get that vibe on the first date.

Good underwear.
Because you never know…

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