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Preston Zimmerman must have some doubtful motivations – Player accuses US national team coach of using ‘fake Americans’

Player accuses US national team coach of using ‘fake Americans’ – News | FOX Sports on MSN.

No one knows what Preston Zimmerman’s motivation was when he attacked USMNT’s coach Juergen Klinsmann for his staffing tactics. Reading Zimmerman’s statements, it can’t be soccer motivated. Too much nonsense and false reasons why college players and MLS players should be considered. Continue reading

Make sure you let me know about the try…

Thierry Henry and Arsenal are getting closer…

Chelsea and a New Start

According to AVB, Chelsea is now out for the title race in the Barclay’s English Premier League. One could now be a smart a.. and ask “what took you so long”? Well, he is right, there is no reason for Chelsea to discuss anything about the top two spots in the league. It is much more appropriate to take a look at third place and think of the opportunities in that matter. Continue reading

Freddy Adu is trying again…

Wrong direction for Andy Carroll…

Brand Marketing by Maxus1.com

Wouldn’t you like to have brand recognition like Apple, Google and a few other popular companies out there? Would you be happy to have brand recognition like a bank? Probably not. Continue reading

Change in social media convo

tgam-avatar_normal.jpgThe Globe and Mail (@globeandmail)
12/29/11 7:22 AM
How the social media conversation will change in 2012: bit.ly/tppsbL

Kate Middleton

style_normal.pngHuffPostStyle (@HuffPostStyle)
12/29/11 9:31 AM
It turns out Kate Middleton can be VERY good for your business huff.to/umtYcU

Q train

twitter_icon_normal.jpgGothamist (@Gothamist)
12/29/11 9:32 AM
The Q train will die a slow, pitiful death this winter: gothamist.com/2011/12/29/q_t…


MMLionessBNO_normal.jpgMarla Mase RHM (@marlamase)
12/29/11 8:50 AM

Things to do in NYC

1296537658_388_normal.jpgEverythingNYC (@EverythingNYC)
12/29/11 9:15 AM
Free & Cheap Things to do in New York Today enyc.me/stfcAN

Dropping the ball

Unnamed-1_normal.jpgLady Gaga (@ladygaga)
12/29/11 9:21 AM
And I'm so looking forward to performing on NYE+dropping the Ball with Mayor Bloomberg! What an honor as a New Yorker! #citydoll

Better SEO

MichelleM_3_SQ_AVI_Str_normal.jpgMichelle Mangen (@mmangen)
12/29/11 9:18 AM
SEO Pyramid: 4 Most Important Keys To Better Ranking [Infographic] vsb.li/RsHFMj

Incredible iPad…by Anise Smith