Chelsea and a New Start

According to AVB, Chelsea is now out for the title race in the Barclay’s English Premier League. One could now be a smart a.. and ask “what took you so long”? Well, he is right, there is no reason for Chelsea to discuss anything about the top two spots in the league. It is much more appropriate to take a look at third place and think of the opportunities in that matter.

The race for 4th place is just exciting as the race for the top of the EPL. There are quite a number of candidates that desire that result. Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and maybe one more sneaking in, for a while at least. Looking at this, AVB and Chelsea have their hands full in fighting the competition off. As a matter of fact, from today’s view, it doesn’t look very convincing what the blues deliver. What to do?

To call the race for the title off was certainly the right first step. That brings everyone down to the floor, including the press. It is now important to make sure that the team is finding an appropriate way to play. AVB had applied a few changes that didn’t really work and that cost a number of points and other resources. Once that is in place it is important that the focus is completely on third place. Everyone needs to be clear what the deal is and why that is important, for the club and the players. Focusing on this and executing on the next games might even open a door to sneak in for the title again, who knows. As we all experienced, the both Manchester clubs are not untouchable.

There is also the Champion League, which is an entirely different competition and has different rules. Chelsea is good enough to beat anyone on a good day. The premier league and the new attitude should improve confidence and with that improve performance in all competitions. Being clear about the goal and start new should help the team and AVB to find the way back into better times. Let’s see what Chelsea is doing during the transfer time in January. A good deal there would increase the odds as well.

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