Preston Zimmerman must have some doubtful motivations – Player accuses US national team coach of using ‘fake Americans’

Player accuses US national team coach of using ‘fake Americans’ – News | FOX Sports on MSN.

No one knows what Preston Zimmerman’s motivation was when he attacked USMNT’s coach Juergen Klinsmann for his staffing tactics. Reading Zimmerman’s statements, it can’t be soccer motivated. Too much nonsense and false reasons why college players and MLS players should be considered.

Zimmerman claims more college and MLS players should be considered if they are “real Americans”. While it is great to have a team of “Real Americans” (whatever that means), the goal is to make US soccer competitive on an international level. Clearly, with college and MLS players, this is next to impossible. No soccer discussion needed.

It is quite insulting to call a service member a “distant relative” to his or her overseas born child and calling these children “fake Americans”. According to FIFA regulations, it is allowed to have players with one parent or grandparent of American origin on the team. This is a standard that is in use all over the world. Ask the British soccer federations. In Zimmerman’s case, since living in Germany, take a close look at the German national team or many other European national teams.

Zimmerman plays for Darmstadt in the German 3. Liga. By doing so he should know that every team in that league, and probably two levels below, would sweep the floor with every college team in the US. That the MLS is far away from establishing world class soccer, is also no secret in the soccer world. With that understood by all who have soccer motivations, the question for motivation of Zimmerman’s nonsense slowly opens up.

The argument that Klinsmann has no results doesn’t even present itself at this point. No competition has been played during Klinsmann’s time. Friendlies to check the inventory and test was on the program. With a minimum of soccer understanding, Zimmerman should know that those results are not even worth the paper they are written on. If you want to measure Klinsmann’s success, you will have to wait for the next world cup, that is when it counts. Everything else is passing the time and keep the press happy. Zimmerman knows that.

Looking at his career, it looks like that one hit the wall and is not going anywhere. At least it is not providing enough to be all set afterwards. That leads to the doubtful motivation of making a name for himself for other activities. Is that the goal here, Mr. Zimmerman? What ever it was, that one went “voll in die Hose”.

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