Manchester City’s misery just increased

Though times on the horizon for Manchester City. With today’s loss against their biggest rivals another trophy for the season is gone. Yes, the loss was quite unfortunate and one can’t say the better team won, but losing is losing and in soccer the goals are counting. A few more unfortunate losses and the last important trophy, the premier league title, is gone as well.

Manchester City spent a $1 Billion for new players and are still running the risk to end up with a “golden pineapple” or nothing at all. Out of the Champions League, out of the FA Cup and by no means clear in the Barclay’s English Premier League, which, according to Roberto Mancini and a few players, is the target of the season. Bragging rights gone, the Tourre brothers at the Africa Cup and a few other minor things have a potential for disturbance over the next few weeks. If City doesn’t manage to increase their lead in the premier league, pressure will mount up and there might be a nice thunderstorm coming up.We are up for some nice event news from the Etihat.

United, as the lucky winner of the FA cup 4th round game, now has a psychological advantage. If they would have a goalie, oh my.

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