My current problem on Empire Avenue – Growth

First of all, a thank you to everyone of my shareholders and those that are interested in buying my shares in the future. Empire Avenue, in my view, is a great “game”. Almost like real life in some way. Many of the things we see and experience are happening in real life as well. I take the reason why I am writing this as a proof for that statement. Ever seen a company growing too fast?

Over the past few weeks, I have experienced increased popularity. Well, my shares and dividends have. As a result, there are many buys. So many that I have trouble to match and buy back everyone. This makes me a little nervous, knowing there are a lot of reciprocal buyers and investors out there. In the past, I have experienced people that have put a buy of 600 on me and when I didn’t match them, for various reasons, they sold. So, I am a little concerned that there are a few people out there that might entertain this idea. For me, that wouldn’t be a nice thing to experience again. Once a few sell, some others are jumping on the wagon and the result is a falling share price. Others don’t like to see that and so on….

I have started to explain to some of you what the problem is and I hope that the others read this post somewhere. For all I haven’t matched yet, I will sooner or later buy your shares. It will start in small numbers and will increase over time. Many of my share holders have actually seen the process working “to the max”. Growth of my dividends is increasing every day and more eaves are available for buy backs. In the meantime, I am working on dividends for my shareholders. I am sure that is quite visible. My dividends compared to share price are great.

I am not a reciprocal buyer/investor, but I am also not someone that ignores others that are buying me completely. I am guilty of making a difference on who I am buying first, but in that I am not alone. I guess everyone does that in one way or the other.

A solution would be to buy eaves, but to be honest, I am not yet at the point to invest real dollars. I have started with $20 for a “bigger piece of the pie” and will do so in the future, but I am not at the point that I spend real dollars for eaves. Who knows, maybe down the road.

I hope this is good enough to explain my misery and why I am not buying every investment back as it comes in. If you have any hints and tips regarding this problem, please leave your comments below.

Thank you for investing and your patience.

30 responses to “My current problem on Empire Avenue – Growth

  1. Glad I found this post, I had no idea what a great investment you were until you mentioned it… I confirmed it and just maxed. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MATCHING ME!! I honestly would like to turn off my share increases so I could catch up! My worry isn’t that I will get sold, (I’m in the same boat as Vitus, higher DIVS than share price.) I worry that the newer people who are trying to engage me won’t be able to, and to a large extent that is true.

    I don’t flip newbies and I don’t seek buyers, because I can’t buy back everyone. I just keep buying shares every day and make sure I don’t hold zero in active players. After that, ROI (not pure ROI) rules the day.

    Until I have about e100k/day to spend I don’t foresee actively seeking growth, and only after I can keep my DIVS high enough to provide value.

    A high share price in my mind means more work to keep the divs up, and I think the divs first approach is 100% the correct way to approach the game, provided the divs are coming from engagement and content and don’t suck your life away!! 🙂


    • Hey Russ,

      Thank you for your comment. There are a lot of people on EA and when you have so many people in one spot, there are different agendas. And that is actually good like that. It makes this thing interesting. Most people are going for share price. It reminds them on the real investment in the financial markets where you make the quick money with rising shares, preferably quick. All they see is that with someones buying their shares the share price goes up. That the game becomes increasingly difficult for them is not a considerable issue. Well, we have to respect that.

      The problem for me is that these players show up at my doorstep like “here I am, buy me”, buy 600 shares and expect automatically that I match. If I don’t, they sell a couple of days later. If I buy a few and try to catch up in pieces, they sell anyway. Nice as I am, I did buy back for a week and as a result, messed up my dividends that actually drew the most of the investors. The problem with these people is, they have weak dividends and high share prices and the system recognizes that. If you play for dividends, those are not a good investment.

      I have now started going through my portfolio and look for some of these people and so far found a few and sold them as well as some other non performing players. Buy backs are, for the moment, limited to those that have dividends to show. When I see a major improvement in the divs again, I will go back and make deals with those that don’t have dividends as I always did.

      Well, let’s see how it goes in the coming week. Thanks for your buy. Sooner or later I will match every buy, it is just a matter of time. V.

  2. Vitus, your stock rocks and so do you! If someone sells at the least little wobble in your share price, it’s because they have had no interaction with you and haven’t had the chance to find out what a solid guy you are. And this game really is about connections, or at least that’s what I believe. Anyone that is playing this game simply as a stock market is really missing out on a chance to meet some awesome people like yourself. Keep doing what you’re doing because its working!

    • Debbiiiiieeeeee, I am breaking out in tears! Thank you for all the compliments. And the encouragement, of course. What an awesome comment. Thank you so much. And while we are working with the honey brush, you are a wonderful person to connect with as well. I enjoy interacting with you. Thanks for being a friend. V.

  3. (e) GNOOB Sorry I had to post my ticker later DoH!
    I forgot it!

  4. I have an easy , time saving tip for readers and EAV users…

    If you click on the Parthenon on the left of your picture in EAV,
    (At the top LHS) you will see the photos of who has bought you recently…

    Just click underneath the photos on the line that says “Recent Shareholder” and work through the list..

    Mess with the RHS dropdown too later, Save heaps of time for me!

    Helps you in many other ways too, but try it, you’ll see!

  5. I agree, don’t worry about it so much, Vitus. You can’t control when other people decide to buy & sell. Smart investors will see you’re a solid stock and stick with you. Try to ignore the skittish, day traders.

    • 🙂 Thank you, Liz. I will. All the great comments have convinced me that I am not doing anything wrong in this game and that there is already a pay off. With the contacts and friends made, the numbers are already not so important anymore anyway. Thanks again for your comment, V.

  6. The reasonable players will understand that it’s impossible to buy back everyone of them. And let’s face it: what fun if buying back would be an imperative duty? Some gamer are simply not my cup of tea and it’s just for the fun of it that I do not buy back. Well aware of the risks. Make it your game and set up your own rules.

    • Clearly, the most people understand my problem. It would have been a big surprise to learn I am the only one with the issue of not having enough eaves. As I stumble along, I learn and the stumbles are getting less. Maybe that turns into good results and many, many friendships. Thanks for commenting, Christian. V.

  7. I understand your concerns, Vitus. I’ve had a few “players” out there drop me at the first whiff of a div reduction and buyback when they’re on the up again. Needless to say these are people with whom I have the least amount of engagement, that is, despite a cheery and social attitude toward them it is never reciprocated. Ultimately that’s no loss to me 🙂

    I’ve offloaded eaves into a few “big buys” recently but that’s only because I’ve accumulated a lot of wealth over xmas and been unable to spend it. “Splashing out” has been fun but i’m throttling back the spend level again as I’m not a rich player.

    So yeah, all is well, Vitus and thank you for posting 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Paul. While buying and selling is part of the game, it is not what makes the experience. Those that are out there with the “big hammer” are all lacking somewhere in the results, but they like it, and in their way, they have their own fun. So, there is something for everyone provided and that is a good thing. 🙂 Thanks, again, Paul.


  8. At the beginning I did not understand well, did not have enough cash and created some problems by buying back shares of my friendly investor. So I sold shares from silent users to buy others:. Some of them did not want buy back later as I began to understand the game because they thought I am a seller;-) After some little private conversation, they understood me and now we are loyal shareholders. I tell the true, I played first just by luck and did not have any concept, also did not know anybody. Now, It is different. I now where I can buy and also wait. I like the game now much more and have much less stress then at the beginning. There are just few they get quick nervouse if some shares fall down and they sell but not like me at the beginning as newface, they do it as old EA users. Of course with the time people know them. I buy back when they buy again, I sell when they sell, it is funny but also amusing:-) Btw. I will buy today some more shares from you 🙂 Nice regards to you all!


    • Hello Tedora. Thanks for your comment and sharing your knowledge. We all had to learn this game and still do. Sometimes I believe I know what I am doing and the next moment it is all turned upside down. Every day something new. Well, that’s why this is so interesting, beside of meeting all kind of new people.
      Die besten Wuensche in die Schweiz,


  9. akismet-7a453e90e45999a74e83b481ab03ba13

    Everyone seems to have some good insight here. I can really relate to what Ray Beckerman wrote in his reply.

    Honestly, I’d say stick with those who YOU believe in, have good relationships (as in social connections) with etc., and are a good value to your portfolio.

    People will always sell for one reason or another. While it can make our price take a dump in a few hours time, there are other strong investors out there with more common-sense than that.

    You’re a GREAT stock to hold & I’m pleased to have connected with you. Kudos to you.

    • Thank you, Cole. I can give the compliment back, you are a cool guy. Yes, there is some good advice out of this comment string and I got something out of it for myself. It is difficult to make it right for everyone, so I will just do what I have to do. Make sure you are all right. Chat soon again.

  10. Don’t sweat it so much Vitus. The players who can afford 600-share purchases know you’re not rolling in eaves, they were there too. Just continue ‘paying attention’ & buying what you can in your shareholders.

    I will tell you that anyone who bought 600 shares & dumped them is not someone you need in your ‘life’.

  11. Hey Vitus, someone would be crazy to sell shares they bought of yours because you don’t buy back quick enough. You’ve got a great dividend and you’ve always been quick to buy back some shares when I’ve invested in you.

    • Thank you for the reference, Paul. My dividend is a bringer and I am glad my choice was to go with the dividend first and let the shares come along. Thanks for the comment and the support.

  12. I have found that the wagon jumpers are usually stock flippers to begin with. Their only goal in buying you in the first place is to turn a profit. Investor hold on to stocks looking at the long term profit and not quick eaves. Hang in there, investors will stick with you.

    • Hello Cheryl. Yes, I agree with you. That’s one way of having a strategy. And these people are usually not on for long. Thanks for the comment and the uplift.

  13. I understand this sort of situation and I always try to give plenty of time to people I buy to either buy back, send me a message or recommend / mention etc… unfortunately I have had some of the worst experience’s with the ‘big’ players. I’ve supported them for months and months and haven’t received one post from any of them! I know everyone plays this game in a different way and that’s OK. I now have a ‘new’ game plan and have removed the ‘deadwood’ and invested the eaves in more deserving individuals. And may I say…it’s working out really well and I’m so much happier to be investing my time in the Empire.

  14. I am in the same boat and I usually just buy 10 here and there so they see that I am making an effort and so far it has worked for me.

  15. Indeed, I am still working on it also, it takes time at 10% or even at higher, most understand and are patient..

    P.. I find it easier a bit at a time…

    • It is true. Most people are patient. At least as long as the divs are good. You are actually a good example on how the small buys create results. I made quite a number of buys until I got in the area of 200. Thanks for the comment.

  16. Just keep pluggin away… its really about relationships and involvement!

    And have some fun 🙂 Ric (Hope you don’t mind I snuck in a link)

    • Not at all, Ric. Thanks for your opinion. And, you are right, everything goes better with some humor. I will hopefully never lose that one.

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