Are you happy with the upcoming changes on Empire Avenue?

As we all know, on Monday there will be some changes on Empire Avenue. The details have been discussed all over the place and I would like to see the opinion in a number. What is your opinion? Are the changes good or not so good? Please vote and if you have any comments, please leave them in the comment section. Thank you for your participation.


7 responses to “Are you happy with the upcoming changes on Empire Avenue?

  1. I have to see how it all works out. So far, I think the Missions condition changes are positive.

  2. Thanks all for commenting and your vote. I was wondering about the savings account and why it is set up so complicated. Think of it, if you set up a biz acct and a savings acct with your bank, how would you like to work that for you. Expenses subtracted from savings and then you have to transfer it back to savings? I am sure EA’s CFO was not involved in creating that change.

  3. Mostly I’m happy with them. I think creating a savings bank and getting rid of luxury wealth are smart moves. Going beyond 5000 with only 500 seems not very sustainable, I do think that it’s smart to cap the “dividend paying shares” to 5000. Otherwise the “EAv economy” would explode pretty quickly I suppose. The “wealth dependent price” I don’t like so much, but I can see the value of that. What’s a bit sad is that the price changes are not clear upfront.

  4. i’d like to wait and see how it pans out – EA is still quite new so the idea will definitely evolve and I’m excited to see what happens from that.

    So either way, change is a good thing – it’ll either make me enjoy EA better or it will save me a lot of my time (I’ll leave)! 🙂

  5. =\\= Lets see- its too soon for me to tell, for sure….

  6. Have a Fantastic Thursday!

  7. I think the blog was unclear enough that I won’t know until it actually happens.

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