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Yahoo! News – Survivors plucked from Italian shipwreck

Survivors plucked from Italian shipwreck – http://news.yahoo.com/three-dead-40-missing-italian-ship-disaster-015729865.html

Yahoo! News – In flap over S. Carolina law, old tensions and a campaign issue

In flap over S. Carolina law, old tensions and a campaign issue – http://news.yahoo.com/flap-over-carolina-law-old-tensions-campaign-issue-142226960.html

Romibo: This DIY fuzzy robot provides therapy for kids


The iPoo toilet


How to make money doing what you love on the Internet


Scientists can now tell what food you’ve eaten from your pee


ON Voicefeed: A turbo-charged alternative to Apple’s Visual Voicemail


Current Situation in my Investment Activities on EA

Current events in my investment activities have lead me to write a few lines about my current investment policies.

As many of you could see, I had earned some remarkable numbers in my activities. On January 5th, I paid pout 1.47 in dividends with a share price of 113.45 and both rising. My activities have not been unnoticed, especially by those that just look for rising shares. For over 90 days, I didn’t have a falling share price. The result in the first January week was a bombardment of buys. One would think that is a good thing. In my case Continue reading