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Why Google is a better stock than Microsoft

Why Google is a better stock than Microsoft – John Shinal’s Tech Investor – MarketWatch.

I would agree with this. Google clearly is the better stock. As far as You Tube goes, they might not be profitable for a while, but video is the future and I am convinced that Google will find a way to make this profitable.

Golden Globes 2012: Best And Worst Moments


10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Sports Fans

10 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Sports Fans: http://bit.ly/A6Tc0r

CES 2012: The End of Planned Obsolescence:

CES 2012: The End of Planned Obsolescence: http://on.mash.to/xveBSQ

This prankster is auctioning Scotland on eBay


BBC iPlayer secured 2bn programme views in 2011, a record year driven by connected devices


Hulu beefs up its free section with original programming


Use the slick web and iOS app, MidEast Tunes, to discover indie bands in the Middle East


Amazon expands its free AWS cloud hosting offering to allow Windows Server applications


Stop teaching our kids to be employees, start educating entrepreneurs


Nissan develops an iPhone case that isn’t just scratch resistant, it can heal itself


The UK streaming deals keep coming. Now LoveFilm has signed up ABC TV


Google is no longer “The Internet” but it’s still going to beat Facebook and Twitter


Facebook reportedly to file IPO documents within the next month, go public in May