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Empire Avenue – Mission Sharks

It’s been a few weeks now that missions for all is enabled on Empire Avenue. Enough time to learn on how it works and how to decide on whether you take a mission or not. For the most part, the missions work well and serve the purpose, in my case at least.

There are a few things that make me wonder. I run mostly small missions. Ten, maximum 20 rewards, because I still have to keep an eye on the Eaves spent. That has the advantage to take a quick and easy look at the mission and see who participated, and how. Of all missions I ran so far, none was completed by 100%. Some people just took the Eaves and ran. Is this ok because Empire Avenue is just game? Are these people the same way in real life? Not taking it exactly as it is required and just watch out for themselves?What would you call the same in real life?

As stated above, it is a few weeks now and there was enough time to learn on how this works. By now the mission thing should be an easy thing to understand, especially when it becomes a major “income source” for some. At the beginning, I had my own troubles with it. I saw a few Eaves and ran for it to find myself in a mission I could actually not do for one or the other reason. After a couple of days and a number of missions I have learned to read and understand what is required first before I click the link. Sometimes it happens that I am not able or willing to do the mission and then I don’t do it. I don’t take the Eaves for reading about it and I am not supposed to. I remember when the mission thing started and some people lost Eaves (and real dollar) the questions of calling out “the swindlers” was on the plate. I am not for that kind of thing. And after running a few missions on my own and getting a taste of what some people are up to, I still hesitate to do it, even though I know who is “out there for change”. Well, I know the few in my case.

I am wondering what other people have experienced and what is your opinion about this issue. Please leave your comment.

Black Cats too hot for Swans

Black Cats too hot for Swans


Keane scores dramatic Villa winner

Keane scores dramatic Villa winner


CNET: Info-starved no more–home energy gadget clues you in

Info-starved no more–home energy gadget clues you in – CNET

Energy monitoring is like fitness-tracking for your utility bill. CNET’s Martin LaMonica tries a whole-house electricity monitor out and gets a read on where software and the cloud is taking home energy.

Link: http://news.cnet.com/8301-11386_3-57362676-76/info-starved-no-more-home-energy-gadget-clues-you-in/?tag=cnetiosapp


ng_MICS_Twitter_Profile_2_normal.pngNike Soccer (@nikesoccer)
1/21/12 11:51 AM
#makeitcount with the game-winner. Then make history with a hat trick. @clint_dempsey pic.twitter.com/dARBSonj


FOX_Soccer_Logo_1_normal.pngFOX Soccer Trax (@FOXSoccerTrax)
1/21/12 11:52 AM
FT Fulham 5, Newcastle 2. What a second half, what a hat trick from DEMPSEY, what a recovery!


tw_12591570_1316369989_normal.jpgSally K Witt (@sallykwitt)
1/21/12 11:53 AM
Intelligent doesn’t have to mean educated. And Creative doesn’t have to mean talented. ~ @NeilPatel

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho defends Pepe after Clasico stamp on Lionel Messi and hits out at Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho defends Pepe after Clasico stamp on Lionel Messi and hits out at Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets


Norwich City 0-0 Chelsea: Fernando Torres frustrated again as Blues are held to a goalless draw at Carrow Road

Norwich City 0-0 Chelsea: Fernando Torres frustrated again as Blues are held to a goalless draw at Carrow Road


The SOPA bill has been withdrawn by creator Lamar Smith


With Summify joining Twitter and shutting down, News.me steps up


Google announces that the Picnik service is being closed on April 19, 2012


Google also retires Needlebase and Urchin, open sources Google Sky Map


Facebook vs. Timelines.com trial could take place in 2013, settlement is possible


Delicious takes its ‘Stacks’ concept social with collaboration and commenting features