Dark Clouds over Manchester

Saturday’s FA Cup match between Liverpool and Manchester United put some expression of concern of all Manchester soccer fans’ face. While it was United that lost and excused themselves from the FA Cup, on the blue side of town things are no less a concern. Both clubs started into the season with hopes and ambitions in different competitions. And, a number of “pots” was expected on both sides and in the soccer world, not only in the English, in general. Now, for both, there are two opportunities left” The Europa League and the Barclay’s English Premier League Title.

Manchester United is every year a favorite in all competitions and Championship in the Premier League is kind of a must for the club. It is also expected to reach at the very least the semifinal in any of the national cup competitions. On top of that, in the Champions League the hopes are no less ambitious. It must be the cup and the talk always goes into this direction. Well, this year, and this early in the season, barely half is played, United is looking into a big black hole. It might very well happen, that the success spoiled club ends the season with nothing. Yes, nothing. Champions League was done in early December and the cup competitions completely done at the end of January. You gotta go back a while to find the same situation.

What’s left is the Europa League and the Premier league title. Premier League title is a good read on first sight, but the opponent is Manchester City and they have a few points up already. Doesn’t mean much at this point, but you gotta make it up somehow and that could be a problem. The Europa League? Well, if that should be United’s win of the season, that can only be called the win of the “golden pineapple”. I am convinced that would be considered a nightmare at Old Trafford. Beside of all the prestige that is lost in this season, there is a ton of money lost as well. And that has already smashed a huge hole into United’s budget for this season and for the next two as well. I am sure in the business department of the club, they consider some not so popular decisions already. The possibility of having nothing at the end of the season can be considered a catastrophe. There is some news to be expected, if this happens.

A few miles down the road, on the blue Manchester City side of town they are busy and working on excuses for this years misery. You can hear tones like “only the Premier League title is important” and “we are not there yet” in regards to the Champions League, however, behind closed doors the mood is down. City has clearly expected to go further in all competitions. And those that claim the “kick in the butt” in the Champions League is not a problem should think again. If you work the English Pound like City does, you need, well, must see something coming back, everywhere. If you are the leader in the Premier League, by far, and you can’t make it through the first round in the CL, something is wrong.Don’t we know there is, or was?

Well, we can turn it and twist it as much as we want, it is dark in Manchester. Let’s be clear, a win of the Europa League would not be considered a win. Playing in that competition is more like a punishment for the players and the club. That leaves them both with the Premier League title. Only one can win this title. Who is it going to be? One of the two Manchester clubs is going out of this season with nothing and that is nothing short of unbelievable.

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