David de Gea and Manchester United’s biggest Problem

With today’s loss Manchester United leaves another important competition and increased the pressure on the team and Manager to stay in the race for the Barclay’s English Premier League title.

Looking at the season as it is January, there are quite a few reasons why Manchester United is in the situation they are in right now. The major reason on the soccer field can be attached to Edwin van der Saar and his choice to end his career after last season. United had to regroup and make a decision on a major position in an otherwise top team.

As well know, United and Sir Alex acquired David de Gea from Athletico Madrid, even though this choice has been looked upon at in a quite critical way. At the time when sir Alex had to go shopping for a real good goalie, there were actually quite a few available. Manuel Neuer, Germany’s number one and new Bayern Munich keeper certainly stands on top of that list. Why Sir Alex fell for David de Gea, is a question many experts ask themselves these days. And before I continue, I like de Gea as a guy and human being, but he can’t be Manchester United’s goalie.

Yes, my last statement sounds harsh and again, I apologize to David de Gea, it is nothing personal. Look at the first goal today. Actually the seconds before the first goal. Liverpool put two guys, including Andy Carroll, in front and around de Gea and with the two defenders coming as well, it was difficult to see de Gea in this group of players. You see a lot of strange things in soccer, this, however, is a bad situation. If your goalie is smaller than the rest of the players on the field you have a problem. And within a few seconds this theory was proven to be right, not for the first time this season. De Gea might look good in practice and int the Spanish Liga BBVA, but this is a different story. He played for Athletico Madrid which is not a top team in the Spanish league and de Gea There is an explosive mix at work when it comes to Manchester United’s goalie: Physically small, young and no international experience. On top of that, with the events and performance of the first six month, de Gea’s confidence is in the t… If at all, it will take a while until the young goalie is going to recover.

There are are dark clouts over Manchester these days and for United it doesn’t really look good. The problem in goal is self inflicted and Sir Alex probably has understood that. Today’s gesture after the first goal and some other bad situations tells a lot about confidence in de Gea: The reserve goalie was warming up on the sideline. Whether Sir Alex was mad at de Gea or something else triggered that, it certainly wasn’t a good decision. De Gea is already short of confidence, this didn’t help him to gain any back.

It is difficult to understand why United is not in the market for a goalie. Doesn’t have to be a buy, get one on loan. It is pretty clear that the entire team would have an advantage on a change. De Gea’s problem became the entire teams problem and that is not what they need at Old Trafford.

2 responses to “David de Gea and Manchester United’s biggest Problem

  1. I read in an article that Man united gifted us by playing De Gea, and we returned the favor by playing Carrol, thus canceling each other out. In the end we some how squeezed it through.


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