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Today, in our “Talent Pictures” section we are honored to interview Simon Harris, the author of “Going Native in Catalonia, a book that draws on his 25+ years experience as an expat in Catalonia.  This man of many talents, married a Catalan woman, appeared on TV as a musician, become a father, taught English since 1988 in the Catalan capital and eventually become a University lecturer.  Always looking for new challenges and relying on an extensive experience of many successful projects, he is now working on Spain Football and on his own language consultancy business in Barcelona “Barcelona Language Learning for Learners, Teachers, and Translators of English, Spanish and Catalan.

Barnatalent: Simon, what are you passionate about? 

 Simon Harris: Life, love and laughter!

Barnatalent: Why did you choose to live and run your business in Barcelona? 

Simon Harris: I didn’t choose Barcelona but rather…

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