New York Cosmos – Why the Cosmos can be the best thing that ever happened to U.S. soccer

Re-posted from June, 1st, 2011

As a soccer fan living in New York City, I am very excited to see The New York Cosmos coming back to life. As a matter of fact, I see the Cosmos coming back as the best thing that ever happened to U.S soccer, besides of winning the World Cup. Not only does this create the first serious soccer rivalry in American soccer, Cosmos also has the ability to draw international business attention to American soccer. Not only that, but the opportunity to attract superstars and increase the sports national and international “flair” will dramatically increase. Unlike other major sports in the U.S. such as “football” and baseball, soccer is a sport that is catching Global attention and for U.S. soccer catching that kind of attention would be an incredible business opportunity. That, in the long run, can’t be met by “football” or baseball.

There is of course, as it always is, not only support for the Cosmos comeback. Click here for an example of opposition. This report describes weaknesses of Cosmos such as “they don’t have a team, don’t have players, they might face fierce opposition of the Wilpon’s and the NY Mets”. It also offers a comparison between the past and now, stating, then the Cosmos “were a flash” while today “there has to be something on the field is a must”. The report goes on with “recreating the past doesn’t feed confidence”.

First of all, it is great to understand that the Wilpon family has an interest in an MLS expansion team. That is great news. It is proof that people in the sports business have understood what I stated above: Soccer is an incredible business opportunity with a potential to blow everything ever seen out of the roof. That’s not a negative for Cosmos, that just supports the idea. Besides that, the Wilpon’s face other problems currently and it is not clear how these problems will turn out. Another important point, New York City and surroundings would easily support even three or four MLS clubs.

That the Cosmos have no players and no team is an argument without base. Where is the Wilpon’s team? Or where was the Philadelphia team 4 years ago? Once the MLS becomes comfortable with the Cosmos, and they should quickly, Cosmos will have players and a team ready to debut in the MLS. As far as “something on the field is a must” goes, I agree with that one. That Cosmos can’t be brought back as a “flash” only, is correct. I have confidence that the owners and those that are involved with the Cosmos, know that. I am pretty sure that the time until 2013, or whenever the Cosmos come back will take place, will be wisely used to provide a successful base for the club or franchise.

Cosmos’ “flash” of the past, however, must be used for the franchise and American soccer. Every team in the MLS is busy with trying to create a buzz, Cosmos already has one. It would be foolish not to use such an advantage, by both, Cosmos and the MLS. Cosmos is by far the only name in American soccer that can make money outside the United States, with gear and even with appearance overseas. The “buzz”, combined with good promotion, can fill a stadium in Germany, Italy and many other countries, I would bet on that. At this point, that can’t be said about any other soccer club or franchise in the United States. Soccer, unlike “football”  or baseball is a global attraction and sport. American soccer needs a franchise such as Cosmos. The name would clearly attach international recognition to American club soccer.

A name and “buzz” such as “The New York Cosmos” is interesting for the corporate world, within the United States as well as overseas. If you are afraid of the “flash”, don’t be, this is America, everything good in that kind of business must have one.

2 responses to “New York Cosmos – Why the Cosmos can be the best thing that ever happened to U.S. soccer

  1. I hate New York City and everything about it. Wall Street raiders who destroy decent peoples’ pensions. The arrogance of citizens who proclaim to live in “THE” City. Every New York professional sports team from the Yankees with their tenancy to buy out the best talent from other clubs to the New York Knicks who steal the headlines with one decent player on a sub-par team while amazing teams like OKC and San Antonio cannot acquire a fraction of the attention. I hate it. I hate how the media swarms to New York as is if important events ONLY occur in New York. I hate Letterman’s claim to be live from the “greatest city in the world!” I hate the New Yorker accent with it’s “forget about it!” self-importance. I hate New York stock brokers who feed off the retirement accounts of out-of-work farm workers and make gains short-selling America’s future. I hate how one attack killing 3,000 New Yorkers can lead to two wars and millions of dead civilians all over the world. I just hate New York. I hate how New Yorkers read about how horrible they are and assume the rest of the world is jealous. I hate New York. I hate it. But yeah, there should be 3 or even 4 MLS teams in the region. The population demands it and the rivalries would be fun.

    • After reading your post a few times, that thing looks different then after the first time. You don’t hate NYC, you hate a few idiots that believe they invented the wheel. To find people like that, you don’t have to come to NYC, they are everywhere, even where you are. As far as the war goes, I have to tell you, you lost oversight over a few things while dishing out the blame for all kind of stuff. It is certainly not NYC’s fault.

      I do like your opinion about soccer in NYC. Good one.

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