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Obama – “He saved a metric shitload of jobs”…

Demi Moore Suffered Apparent Seizure, Didn’t Try Suicide, Say Sources :

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Demi Morre in serious trouble.
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via Demi Moore Suffered Apparent Seizure, Didn't Try Suicide, Say Sources :

Bank of America – I like that sound, even if it is a bad project.

Best Friends – Blatter and Murdoch

El Clasico – Barca finds it difficult to celebrate

Read here why it is so difficult to celebrate: Barca through, but time is up

Bundesliga – Growing number of title contenders

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Jamie Dimon tired of fingerpointing…

El Clasico: Barca through, but time is up.

Jose Mourinho demonstrated his ability as a superb coach once more. Wednesday’s Copa del Rey second leg between Barca and Real Madrid clearly demonstrated that the gap between the teams is closing. It took Mourinho a while to find the right way and tools, but today’s performance will give Real much more leverage in the coming weeks and the next Clasico’s. Real dominated the first half while stunningly falling behind 2-0 and much of the second half. Barca had to make it to the end hanging on on nothing else than their teeth. This has been the closest of matches of the past 9 or so. Continue reading

Soccer is big today: Liverpool – Manchester City and El Clasico, Barca – Real Madrid

Today is soccer day: 2:30pm, Fox Soccer Channel, Liverpool – Manchester City, 2nd leg, Carling Cup

4:00pm, GolTV, El Clasico, Barca – Real Madrid, one of the biggest soccer matches, the world is watching.

Customer Loyalty Higher with Mobile Site…

ML-Twitter-Image_normal.jpgMedia Leaders (@MediaLeaders)
1/25/12 2:48 AM
NEW STUDY: Consumer Loyalty 54% More Likely If Brands Have Effective Mobile Site. Read the article here –>

U.S.Economy Preferred by Investors in Global Poll…Bloomberg

Michelle Williams – Some Like Her Hot…GQ Mag

Photo: GQ

Facebook, Apple, Google – Latest