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Tiger Woods – Awkward Press Conference…

Forget the iPad3?

Foursquare ditches Google Maps

Day (164) – A New Inspiration


EmployInsight Grabs $1M For Its Employee Measurement Platform (And NYSE As Its First Client)


How to Propose to the Man of Your Dreams in Leap Year

This is awesome.

Staff Management, Hiring Procedures and Legal Terms in Times of Social Media

Hiring procedures have dramatically changed over the past couple of years. With the emergence of social media new tools for “employee screening” became available and are in heavy use by corporations all over the country. All known job posting boards on the Internet are recommending to “watch your online presence”. Don’t post anything that might tick anyone off, is the common advice.

While it was, and still is, good advice to think before speaking, what exactly can anyone post in social media these days? Is leaving a comment about the President’s latest budget cutting ideas already a problem? The HR guy or the hiring manager might not share the opinion and might lean to the other extreme of the topic. Is publishing that someone had 10 beers during the last birthday party already minimizing chances for a job? Continue reading

Warren Buffett Rebuffs Gold – Does nothing for any Economy

Warren Buffett hit the nail on the head. Gold is a useless investment. It just does nothing for anyone and does not produce anything. If everyone would invest in gold rather than in the economy, we all would still throw stones at each other. If it ever comes down to it that gold becomes a currency, we will all wish it would go away. Until then, it is a speculation tool and helps those with an “me first” attitude to sleep better.

Buffett rebuffs gold, but inflation says ‘buy’ – ETF Adviser – MarketWatch.


Cristiano Ronaldo – Back Heel Goal

Victoria’ Secret Very Sexy Online Commercial – Spring 2012

Dropbox bought Cove to help it grow like Facebook

Good article.


With more than 45 million users already connected to his company’s cloud storage service, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston knows he has an infrastructure challenge ahead of him. The challenge is that as Dropbox adds users and devices, it approaches the echelon of web companies that includes heavyweights such as Facebook and Twitter. And as they’ve shown us time and time again over the past few years, there comes a time when you have to go big on infrastructure or go home.

That, Houston told me, is a big reason Dropbox bought collaboration startup Cove, the founders of which played major roles in building out some of Facebook’s big features while they were there, from 2005 through 2010.

Right now, Houston said Dropbox relies on Amazon Web Services (s amzn) for storing users’ files, but it also manages its own 1,200-plus server infrastructure that handles pretty much everything else…

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