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Banks and their efforts to do nothing for their Image and Brand.

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Banks on PR and Image

BI-icon-twitter2_normal.pngBusiness Insider (@businessinsider)
2/3/12 1:35 PM
NY Attorney General Launches Major Mortgage Fraud Suit Against Bank Of America, JP Morgan And Wells Fargo read.bi/AcLf9Z

Romney: Not concerned about the very poor. What?

View_tw_normal.jpgBloomberg View (@BloombergView)
2/3/12 1:35 PM
So Romney’s “not concerned about the very poor”… We’re more concerned about his poor tax plan | bloom.bg/ygwlIm

Ow so true!

Exercise to be fit is the truth. Everything else will come by doing that. The “skinny trip” will stand in the way of health and fitness.



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Content Curation 101: What You Need To Know

Great Post!

Anise Smith Marketing


One of the things that Social Media peeps battle on a regular basis is content creation, which is the ideal way to extend your brand identity, expand your network and potentially created avenues of opportunity to meet clients.   This is one of the reasons that content is king!

We all know that social media can be very time consuming if done properly and worse if not done properly. Either way social media can take a great portion of allocated time so there is always a quest to find ways to continue providing great content while managing time effectively.  Can you say Content Curation??

Well, I LOVE Content Creation! I do not exclusively curate content, but I balance original content creation and curation which provides an abundance of information to my followers.  I realized early on with social media that I could NOT provide the amount of content that I…

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Liu who? – Liu Wen

mag-twitter-icon_normal.jpgGQ Magazine (@GQMagazine)
2/3/12 11:24 AM
Who’s Liu Wen? Oh, nobody special, just the first Chinese model to walk the runway in Victoria’s Secret history: gqm.ag/wSrYOY

Madonna, Football, Marilyn Monroe

elog_normal.jpgE! Online (@eonline)
2/3/12 11:25 AM
Madonna’s “Give Me All Your Luvin'” Video Mixes Football With Marilyn Monroe—Watch Full Clip Now! eonli.ne/yadFqg

Super Bowl Weekend Joke – Good Luck

Markets_tw_normal.jpgBloomberg Markets (@BloombergMrkts)
2/3/12 11:17 AM
We have added North Korea to the list of most promising emerging markets to invest in right now. Do we hear any others?

NBC to dissect Super Bowl ads

mashable_social_media_avatar_normal.pngMashable SocialMedia (@mashsocialmedia)
2/3/12 11:21 AM
NBC to Dissect #SuperBowl Ads in Post-Game Google+ Hangout – on.mash.to/xbfiAJ

Higher Education and Social Media

$360 Trillion Manipulation by Banks?

U.S. Service Sector Doing Better…

New York City Small Business – PartySwank.com