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Running a Business Remotely

of_logo_normal.pngOPEN Forum (@OPENForum)
2/4/12 11:05 AM
Running a business remotely has tons of advantages, but it requires constant communication: ow.ly/8QkRg

Apple – A Religion?

BBO-Twitter-Christmas-Logo_normal.JPGOnline Marketing (@blackballonline)
2/4/12 11:03 AM
Apple – The Brand That Became A Religion – bit.ly/apple-the-bran…

5 Facts About Facebook Edge Rank @AniseSmith,

Photo_41_normal.jpgAnise Smith (@AniseSmith)
2/4/12 11:00 AM
5 Facts You Didn’t Know About #Facebook EdgeRank bit.ly/z2XLZZ

Best Viral Videos…

Picture_24_normal.pngTIME.com (@TIME)
2/4/12 11:00 AM
WATCH: The best viral videos of January | ti.me/AhV4U7

Hit the Lottery on Empire Avenue…

I just made a real good experience on Empire Avenue. Ever wished you would have more buyers? Well, be careful what you are asking for. Three days ago, our dear friend Scott Wendling, decided to run a mission. He put out 500 eaves for 500 people to buy me. That’s awesome, isn’t it? I already thanked Scott for doing this and I am flattered someone would do this for me. So, this is not at all to complain. I just wanted to let you know what happened. Continue reading