Hit the Lottery on Empire Avenue…

I just made a real good experience on Empire Avenue. Ever wished you would have more buyers? Well, be careful what you are asking for. Three days ago, our dear friend Scott Wendling, decided to run a mission. He put out 500 eaves for 500 people to buy me. That’s awesome, isn’t it? I already thanked Scott for doing this and I am flattered someone would do this for me. So, this is not at all to complain. I just wanted to let you know what happened.

I am doing quite well on Empire Avenue. I have a decent ever rising share price and I have some real good divs. They go up and down a few pennies, but overall they are real good. Over the past three days, I received around 300 buys. Not only from the mission, but also from my “regular” business. With my good numbers and stats, I already had my troubles to catch up on everything. After all, I also have a job to do and Empire Avenue also requires me to do well on other networks. And not to talk about normal life, which I also have despite all the time on EA. So, since three days ago, my EA business is out of the roof and I have quite some work to do to keep the rest of the roof on.

I write this, so that you all understand why I am not buying back or do other stuff. I actually do. I have started to buy back some, have started to endorse blogs, subscribed to You Tube Channels and other things. That goes faster, than going over the shareholder portfolio. Besides of that, I don’t have enough eaves to buy everyone back in one shot. Impossible. And, I have to maintain my regular business in order to keep the divs in check.

So, I ask all of you to understand why everything takes so long. Not that this is necessary, you all read my profile before investing, didn’t you? 🙂 There is some explanation on how I play on EA. Not a stiff rule, but a hint that I have a “flexible” work style in this EA business. My first majority is, divs have to be in order. That requires me to take a look at what I buy AND being active on other networks. This is important for all of us, whatever we have connected, we need to make sure we have business going on. While talking about that, if you want to connect with me, please do, it is good for all of us. For me, for you, for everyone that has invested in me AND you. Look up my connections on my EA profile.

Let’s go back to the start of this note. It is awesome to see the buys coming in. I have never expected that this game can go out of hand, but it can. So, don’t ask for 100’s of buys at once. Until you can see the sun of such a mission shining, there will be some issues to master.  Please comment below. I also still catch up on notifications.

14 responses to “Hit the Lottery on Empire Avenue…

  1. Vitus I have figured out I can’t win in the game so I have a new strategy myself I have been buying those who may have left the game or have gotten too busy to play. If they don’t come back in a few days I sell. I have noticed upon selling that they often come back so then I buy back reaping the rewards. Odd but if you can’t win you can have some fun in other ways with the game. I play for connection anyway so it is working. In about two weeks I will probably get serious again as a CEO friend want me to run a few missions for her and will be dumping serious cash into my game in order to do so. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    • Judith, Thanks for your comment. We all win in this game, well, almost. Playing with a system is kinda difficult. There are people involved and as we play along more and more people are involved. That makes it difficult to come up with a working system. I do things for a few days and they work, to find out the next day they don’t work anymore. The connecting thing is very important to me as well. Besides that, EA clearly is of use for business. For me, this is awesome. I would wish, however, that people would be more open to connect. Good luck with your missions.

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    They can’t call themselves Social Media Experts and not be on Empire Avenue! Join today…

  3. I understand this completely. As a dividend player though, I have difficulty finding quality stocks. Yours is excellent, of course!

  4. Nice problem to have! I know what it’s like to not be able to buy back and reciprocate as fully as you would like. Thanks for taking the time to explain the situation. Take care of the other business first, and the EAv divs will follow.

  5. Hey Vitus with all that investment perhaps you could top up on mine 🙂 rictownsend

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    Interesting blog post about the effects of a mission to buy shares run on EA. I saw similar things happening on my account.

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  8. Vitus………We have all seen ot ……and what fun….and really hard work……Enjoy

  9. Great to hear the surge of #EAv investors. I used to like gaining as many investors as possible, but seem to have backed-off that angle. I just don’t have time to make meaningful connections/interaction with a large amount of investors.

    Have you had much success with your own missions to date?

  10. I am really glad I maxed on you early!

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  12. As you know, Vitus, I’m also a big fan of Empire Avenue, but it needs to be played with intelligence and sensitivity.

    The great thing, though, is that we CAN make mistakes in a colloborative and supportive environment!

  13. 🙂 Never mind the rest of us will just plod along… must be the handsome avatar that attracts people to throw money out for you… now where are my sun glasses and razor… LOL

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