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Whats worse than a fat German in Speedos? A fat German without them!

“Se Germans”…


Fitness and I have had a tempestuous relationship. I either loathe it or feel addicted to it, but mainly, I loathe it. In my attempts to rekindle the flames of passion between myself and physical fitness I have thrown myself into the relationship, with no concern for personal safety or dignity. In fact, it has very close echoes to my romantic liasons, which are frequently doomed. Still, a gym membership is less costly than a failed engagement for example, so I battle on.

Being terminally clumsy is neither cute or cooky, as portrayed by Hollywood. It is embrarssing and could end in litigation.

David, a suave young Italian that comes to pilates and circuit training was busy on the Swiss Ball doing press ups. He secretly harbours a bit of hatred for me. Being the only native English speaker in the class the instructor uses him to correctly demonstrate the…

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Navel to Spine


Pulling in the abdominals is not only fundamental to pilates, it is a technique promoted in physical therapy, strength training, and throughout the fitness world as a means of stabilizing the spine and protecting the lower back.

The following navel to spine exercise will help you  discover and strengthen your transverse abdominus  – the deepest layer of abdominal muscles that runs from your pubic bone to your breastbone and wraps around  your  trunk like a corset. The navel (belly button) is the centre of this vast muscle.

1.  Lie down on your back, with your knees bent, feet hip-width apart.

2. Find “neutral pelvis” by placing the heels of your hands on your hip bones, and finger tips together on top of your pubic bone. Level those three bones so they are parallel to the floor. In neutral pelvis, you should be able to slide your hand along the floor underneath your lower back.

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Fitness Instructor Certifications

SHAPEd for Fitness

Not a big surprise, but I’ve changed my mind again on my fitness instructor certification plan.

Ever since I became hooked on barre classes, I knew that’s what I wanted to teach and set a goal to get certified as an instructor in 2012. Initially I wanted to get certified in Booty Barre, but I’m not connected to any local studios that offer Booty Barre. Then in November, I fell in love with Xtend Barre at a studio in Mission Viejo and really clicked with the owners, instructors and students there.

On Thursday night at Xtend Barre, my instructor and friend, Courtney (the beautiful & talented lady below), told me about a Xtend Barre training coming up March 16-18 in San Diego. Isn’t is a super cute photo of Courtney? She’s going to be on the cover of Pilates Style magazine soon. So proud of her!

But, one of…

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Harry Redknapp – Next England Manager?

Be careful what you wish for, Harry.

Pitch of Dreams

Harry Redknapp was today cleared of all charges linking him with Tax Evasion. Redknapp was proven Not guilty of trying to out the Tax System in England. This is a great day for Harry and his family. Harry has said, ‘”It’s been a nightmare, it’s been five years, it’s a case that should never have come to court.” – Now he gets to get on with this life…which brings me to the big question.

Should Harry Redknapp be the next Coach for England. People back home think its time to part ways with Fabio Capello right now before the European Championships and get Harry into the position read to start in the summer. I think this is a must. Harry has done such a fantastic job with spurs this season, currently sitting in 3rd and pretty much have secured that place.

No disrespect to Mr Capello  – he has done…

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Summer Shoe Trends

Awesome topic.

Studio Brow

By Gunner Glam

Important like skin care and attire, people are not entirely ready until their feet are encased in beautiful shoes that make them look sexy. Shoe trends this summer lean toward glamorous, sexy and comfortable.

Studio Brow would like to share our take on what kicks will be hot in summer 2012.

1. Metallic toes – Shoes with metallic toes are more durable and hence they have been manufactured for a long time. Summer of 2012 will see metallic toed shoes in a new avatar. They will be glamorous and trendy, thereby taking these shoes to a new level.

2. Pointed toes – These shoes were in vogue long back but have come back having replaced the rounded toe shoes of the last few seasons. Summer 2012 will see more of sandals with rounded toes.

3. Pastels – After the types of shoes to be worn, the colors are the next important considerations. Pastel colors are going…

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Apps uploading iPhone contacts?