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What to know about Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a social media site with its own dynamics. Unlike Facebook, which is, in my eyes, a very static site, you can post what you had for breakfast, or not, and people like you anyway, Empire Avenue requires you to be active on a regular basis. At least if you want to get anywhere in the gaming part of the site. You need to buy shares, increase your dividends, both on the receiving side AND giving side. If you just sit there and watch, frustration is around the corner. Continue reading

Father and daughter

What a wonderful story.

Focus on the Positive

Thank you for this article.


I read several posts this morning on Facebook and my emails.  There were posts about what is wrong in the world and posts on the beauty in the world.  I have a life to live.  My life is for empowering and focusing on the love, beauty and joy in the world.   I have a friend who is biking across the United States.  He chose to leave everything behind to explore who is out there.  He has found artists, people who are opening their homes to travelers like him,  people who are spreading a positive message.

I choose to focus on the positive.  I challenge you today to look for the positive and ignore the other stuff.  What do you have to lose?  Look around you for that today and feel the experience of it.  Wherever you shine your light, there is no darkness there.

“Today, I choose to use…

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