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Slow Acquires Slow – The Oracle Taleo Acquisition and What it Means to HR

The Turning Point

Big HRIt was recently announced that Oracle was acquiring Taleo, which offers a full suite of talent management applications, including recruiting, performance management, compensation management, employee development and succession planning.

What do you get when a large company purchases  talent management software from a mammoth vendor, who just acquired another large talent management company?

Answer: Slow dependable software that does not allow you to scale your talent management strategy to your business strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, dependable is good but not at the expense of being able to leverage technology software to meet a talent management need. For any strategic HR leader, Taleo  is like a boat anchor dragging you down to the bottom of the HR strategy world. If your business leaders need you to move quickly to respond to competitor activity or to meet new market demands, Oracle/Taleo is not your answer, it’s your nemesis.

Sure in the…

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