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Silicon Valley setting up shop in New York City…

Body Shape – Defined


I never struggled with those body shape quizzes in Cosmopolitan for one reason: I am such a clearly defined pear shape I probably popped out of the womb with giant hips and thighs. I read that about half of women are pear shaped, so while I certainly feel unfortunate, at least I don’t feel alone.

Things can really get technical with defining your body shape, though! Most people are familiar with the basics – apple, pear, hourglass – there really is no limit to how technical you can get with body shapes. Throughout my avid consumption of fitness and body media, I gather that the most widely accepted forms are the 12 body shapes of Trinny and Susannah.

1. Hourglass
– Big boobs
– Small short to medium waist
– Big hips
– Long legs (thickness depends on genetics)

2. Cello
– Big boobs
– Short waist
– Big…

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Oprah’s Big No-No

Good one.

Journalism on the L

It’s funny how the advent of “social media” has become a sort of watchdog in its self, landing people (most notably celebrities) in trouble. This has generally been seen on twitter where damage can be done in less than 140 characters.

The latest culprit in a tweet gone wrong was Oprah.

Media Bistro reported that Oprah tweeted to her followers:

“Every 1 who can please turn to OWN especially if u have a Nielsen box.”

This was posted to her twitter account (@Oprah) just before her latest episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” was supposed to air on her new channel OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network). The normal person wouldn’t see anything wrong with this, at least if that normal person didn’t know what a Nielsen box was.

Media Bistro goes on to explain that Nielsen is responsible for measuring the viewership of television shows by using data from…

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My Taste buds are better than yours from Peaceful Controversy


Just Stuff that interests me



I can’t help but like this post being a fan of the Cooking Channel/Food Network. However, just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I  am some food authority. What is really amusing about the armchair culinary critics thinking their opinions matter is the fact that even celebrity chef’s often can’t agree on what is good. Just watch Chopped sometime. While two of them may agree the third one will have a completely different opinion. If the celebrity chef’s can’t agree it’s proof that people have different tastes in food.

I happened to have gone to Culinary School, and though I do not cook for a living, I love to cook for my husband and my children- especially since they appreciate what ever it is I make for them.

And….if they don’t like it, no harm done when they tell me.  I just won’t make that dish for them…

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