Social Media A to Z Series: S is for the Social in Social Media

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Social Media Pearls

This week I am returning to my A to Z series on social media however not necessarily in the order I left off. In this post, I really want to talk about “What is Social?”. I want to take this opportunity to talk about the behavioural attributes that makes for a good “Social Media Aficionado”.  I loved saying that. Why? Well, the more I speak to businesses and organizations, the more I realize that the expectations of “how to manage” a community or “What the expectations are” when you decide to work or play in this space, are not necessarily understood. I have noticed specifically, that courtesies that are practiced off-line, are often shed, like a Siberian Husky in Spring,  as soon as that person enters the online space. Wrong move- these courtesies still apply. Secondly (and it is going to sound like I am contradicting myself but I am not)-…

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